“We didn’t envision this when he came on campus.”

Baker Mayfield continues to be screwed by a program that never even gave him a scholarship.

The school that needed that unrecruited walk-on to bail them out would not let go. In fact, Texas Tech has more control over an All-America caliber quarterback — more than 24 months in the team’s rear-view mirror — than anyone except perhaps Mayfield’s parents.

The NCAA, the conference, and the school — specifically coach Kliff Kingsbury — would not sign off on Mayfield getting a fourth year of eligibility in 2017. The Red Raiders did not provide him with the opportunity to use a one-time transfer exception. Oh sure, they can hide behind Big 12 and NCAA rules, but the fact remains.

By not signing off on waiving Mayfield’s redshirt year after he transferred to Oklahoma in 2014, none of them agreed to do the right thing.

Because Texas Tech refused to grant the exception, Mayfield’s career at Oklahoma will come to an end after next season.  That’s fair, right?

Evidently the conference thinks so.

The Big 12 faculty athletic representatives who denied an appeal in May won’t so much as reveal the vote totals against Mayfield’s request. All we know is that it was a majority, at least 6-4 against.

Those FARs are supposed to be a moral conscious of fair treatment of the student-athlete. In this case, they’re hiding behind their votes.

As with most cases like this, the right thing to do gets lost in the crossfire. No doubt, Big 12 and NCAA officials are worried an exemption for Mayfield will open some sort of loophole — except that none of us can remember many unrecruited walk-ons becoming All-Americans.

Yeah, can’t set any precedents that might favor student-athletes.  That way lies madness.


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18 responses to ““We didn’t envision this when he came on campus.”

  1. Denver94

    Free Baker.


  2. Russ

    What a bunch of dicks.


  3. TheTruth

    The NCAA should end up in the hottest room in Hell. Student Athletes are at the bottom of their priority list and have been for years. At the top…..MONEY!


  4. 69Dawg

    Do you really think the kid wants 2 more years of eligibility? Some lawyer needs to attack this just to end the practice of treating walk-ons like scholarship players. They are walk-ons and by definition they can walk-off like any student in the school. I don’t care if they get certain privileges by being on the team, they aren’t getting their school paid for by the school. There should not be any restrictions on them at all.


  5. Will Trane

    Not fair to a very talented QB on the field. Lot of them are more skilled in some areas, but Mayfield convinced me he can get it done. For me, as I posted before, in play in second half at UT was off the charts. Totally unselfish player.. Does everything he can to get his offense in the end zone.
    He is fun to watch.. He is the perfect QB for his OC.
    Never been much of Sooner follower even though some of my former officers in USMC were grads and bigtime Boomer Sooners.
    Would like to Bama and Ou play just to see how Coach Smart defends that offense.


  6. paul

    Just for the record, I’m all on board with Kirby Smart so spare me the ‘move on’ rhetoric, but this is precisely the kind of thing CMR would never do. Sure, sometimes we ended up facing our own on the other side of the line of scrimmage. But I’ll take that everyday compared to this type of crap.



    Give’em Hell Baker! Go Boomer Sooner!


    • Macallanlover

      Reminds me a lot of Connor Shaw, both QB warriors who get results beyond their athletic ability. Grinders is what we call them in golf, but regardless of the sport, they are winners.


  8. lvsattoc

    “Moral conscious” — gahhhhhhhh.


  9. Macallanlover

    As someone who is opposed to the “free agency” concept of letting the boys float wherever they choose, the described actions are offensive to me as well. I particularly feel the FARs should have to give transparency to their vote, and provide rationale. Unless I am missing something, the year he sat out was simply a RS year, except for how the Big 12 views it. So why is it too late? Just admit the rule is poorly written and move along

    Bowlsby’s prediction about a last minute, gun to the head, extortion by a team boycott is very likely also, it is the path we are headed down. Some here favor such tactics but CFB is at a tipping point in this matter, and think we are going to drive the CFB vehicle over the ledge. Who knows? The resulting changes may get amateur football back on campuses and clean up some of the ugliness. Can’t say I am opposed to major changes, just hope some competitive form of football remains, I relate better to guys who can’t run a 4.5 forty or have a 40 inch vertical anyhow, let them play in a developmental league.


  10. Dog in Fla


  11. Curtis Jones

    Shame on them and what a coach and everyone else.


  12. Ant123

    I can’t imagine this story won’t hurt them in recruiting.