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Down to two

If Keith Marshall doesn’t see a respectable amount of playing time in the bowl game, it’s time to wonder what was going on with him and the coaches this past season.


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The nobility of Hugh Freeze

Take your pick.



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I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

I know this is about the NFL, but if you don’t think there’s a college conference commissioner out there who’s heard about its new live game data arrangement with an outfit called Sportradar and isn’t stoking his chin while deep in thought about “a lucrative new deal”, you are kidding yourself.  Besides, aren’t we always being told how much the college game could improve by emulating the pro product?

If that doesn’t offend you, then you might enjoy a couple of pieces from the Las Vegas Sun:


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And so it begins…

Jeremy Pruitt wasted little time getting into negative recruiting mode against his old program.

Now add Alabama to that list. He got a call on Sunday night from former UGA defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt. He asked if he’d heard from anybody at UGA since the changes.

“Not besides Kirby,” Laguins told Pruitt. “Twice.”

Alabama’s new defensive coordinator then asked if anyone from UGA had been to see him yet.

“Nope,” Laguins said. “He was like ‘Wow. Are you kidding because you were one of our top guys at Georgia? We thought we were good at inside linebacker with you there’ and he couldn’t believe it. Pruitt was like ‘Bring your butt down here to Bama on the 23rd.’ I guess he reinstated the offer I had at Bama like Kirby reaffirmed the offer I had from the previous UGA staff.”

Think things might be a little tense in that office those two are sharing now?


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