Today, in answering one’s own stupid question.

ESPN’s Greg Ostendorf wants to know something.  “Why is nobody talking about Tennessee?”

Several paragraphs later comes this:

Five straight wins to finish the season. The only SEC team who has a better winning streak is the conference champion, Alabama.

Now granted, not one of those five wins came against a team that was bowl eligible.

November’s been a joke of a month on Tennessee’s schedule since the dawn of time, it feels like.  So pardon the rest of the world if we’re not ready to jump the Vols into the top ten right now.

(Before some of you start, we’ll talk about next preseason when it gets here.)


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11 responses to “Today, in answering one’s own stupid question.


    Ut’s best win was UGA…..I’ll just leave that here.


  2. TnDawg

    Journalism is definitely on the decline. Which is good for the Senator!


  3. Mike

    The word “Volshiemers” was coined back in the 90s. Tennessee would lose to Florida in September and then run roughshod over hapless opponents in the month of November. The UT fans would always claim they were playing the best football in the SEC East and if they played Florida in November, they would win.



    They also smell like they haven’t took a bath or shower in a looooooong time.
    As Larry use to say get the picture….DELIVERANCE….. need I say more.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    What ticks me off is u.t. is in a new years day bowl and we aren’t.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Up heah in the Cornpone State, we call that a “November to Remember” which we had almost forgot.


  7. Biggus Rickus

    Their five wins against shitty teams down the stretch were only slightly more impressive than Georgia’s four wins against shitty teams down the stretch. Now, they did blow leads in all four of their losses, so I can see why Vols fans could be optimistic about next season. This season may also be the high water mark of the Butch Jones tenure for all we know.


  8. Michael

    Tennessee actually justified the optimism this year. They went 8-4 with close losses against Florida (the good Florida that had Will Grier, not the shitty one that clobbered Georgia and got Richt fired), Oklahoma, and Alabama. They’re 19th according to F/+, 14th according to SRS, and 14th according to the Sagarin Predictor. They’re the classic kind of underrated team, one that lost almost every close game in which they played. In what way did they not meet expectations this year? Moreover, with Florida’s QB situation, transitions at Mizzou and Georgia, and South Carolina committing seppuku, their short-term future is the best in the East.


  9. SouthernYank

    UT and UGA will be the best teams in the East next year. UF won with mirrors, a PED QB, and D. PED QB is gone, D is losing a ton. Take 2-3 steps back please.