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Sleeping with the enemy

While you’re in Columbia, don’t get into any sideline fights with other assistant coaches, BMac.

Seriously, best of luck to you.


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Just shut up, dude.

The real disadvantage the Big 12 has is its conference commissioner.


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Name that caption, bowl victory edition

You can’t make a Tater Tot without (Famous Idaho) potatoes, you know.


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Don’t blame us for getting excited.

People, it’s not like Georgia fans invented the hype:  Jacob Eason is named USA Today’s ALL-USA Offensive Player of the Year.


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Understatement of the month

Greyson Lambert, on the 2015 season:  “I came here not expecting this.”

In your defense, Greyson, I don’t think anybody did.


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Kirby’s tight window

Only six more years?  Too soon?

(I keed, I keed.  I think.)




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Wednesday morning buffet

A little buffet is good for the soul.

  • It’s been quite a finish at Ole Miss for the Nkemdiches.
  • The Missouri football team boycott really hasn’t sat well with the state legislature.
  • Forbes ranks college football’s most valuable teams in 2015.  Georgia is sixth on the list.
  • What is Georgia’s motivation in the bowl game?
  • Honestly, this should be mandatory.
  • You had to figure with the release of the new Star Wars movie, somebody would talk to Chris Conley about it.
  • Dabo Swinney thinks it’s wrong to pay his players, but evidently doesn’t have a problem with a $55 million complex that will offer sand volleyball courts, laser tag, movie theater, bowling lanes, barber shop and other perks exclusively to them.  Amateurism these days sure is funny.


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