‘Self-contained’ profit

It’s a good thing Clemson doesn’t have to pay Deshaun Watson a piece of what he’s helped the school generate this year (“As a Heisman Trophy candidate and with Clemson having the year that they’re having, (Watson’s) value is probably well beyond $2 million,” Brown said.), since it’ll need every penny of it to erase the operating deficit of $3 million it ran in 2014.

Thank Gawd for amateurism, I say.


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11 responses to “‘Self-contained’ profit

  1. Dolly Llama

    So how does that $55 million putt-putt/laser tag course they’re building for the players figure into that?


  2. Skeptic Dawg

    It is so sad to see Clemson taking advantage of Watson and the other 84 football scholarship kids. The training, travel, Nike gear and national exposure that these kids receive, Watson in particular, and let’s not forget the education, room and board all offered at no cost to the players. Watson should be thanking Dabo and Clemson for this once in a lifetime opportunity. The university is shelling out millions of dollars for these kids to have such an opportunity, and as pointed out in the article, some schools do so at the risk of losing money. So yes, it is obvious that amateurism, or the college system, is awful and harmful to all that participate. Watson could have selected Georgia as his school of choice, played under Richt, Bobo and Shotty, lost 2 to 4 games a season, been remembered as a DGD, obtained his degree and moved on to the NFL with much less personal promotion.


  3. “free education”


  4. Gaskilldawg

    Remember Dabo said that if the players got up to $406.67 per month for their names, likenesses and images he would quit his $4 million college coaching job, tell his Wife to cut back their lifestyle, turn in the free luxury cars, and return to coaching high school? Dabo forfeited any credibility with that statement.


  5. My only question is if this is okay with NCAA, an entertainment facility exclusively for one sport.