“I just had to run away from him because he plays around too much.”

Nick Chubb’s with his teammates in Jacksonville this week, but it doesn’t sound like it’s all fun and games for him.

As Georgia began its first on-site TaxSlayer Bowl practice at the University of North Florida’s football field Monday morning, one notable member of the program stayed in the training room beneath the bleachers to further his rehab.

Georgia running back Nick Chubb made the trip to Jacksonville to be with his team and continue his recovery from a mid-season serious knee injury.

I’ve heard a variety of stories on Chubb’s progress, although the one constant is that he’s working his ass off in rehab.  If anyone deserves a full recovery based on sheer effort, it’s Nick Chubb.


UPDATE:  This sounds promising.

Georgia held its second on-site bowl practice on Tuesday, but the most intriguing sight came afterward, from a player who wasn’t participating.

Nick Chubb was walking without crutches or a boot, something that hasn’t been seen, at least by the media. As recently as two weeks ago at the team’s senior gala Chubb was using crutches. He did appear to be wearing a brace, but that was it.



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11 responses to ““I just had to run away from him because he plays around too much.”

  1. FarmerDawg

    Working our ass instead of our tail is this the new Georgia Way? Color me scandalized.


  2. I haven’t heard any stories of his recovery, but tearing 3 of the 4 ligaments in your knee……lets just say I’m really hoping Holyfield is as good as advertised, and that maybe we can pick up at least one more good one in this recruiting cycle.


  3. If Chubb doesn’t return as the same player he was before, I swear the Herschel curse is real. Chubb looked like he was going to be the guy to threaten #34’s records and then poof.


    • Q

      Haven’t heard anything on this. Do people who know say that his recovery isn’t going well, or not expected to go well based on the type on damage?


      • I have no idea. Everything public seems to indicate that he’s working extremely hard on his rehabilitation (I don’t think anyone is surprised). He could come back as Gurley 2.0 like TG3II has with the Rams or could be Marshall where he never quite gets back to his pre-injury self.

        I don’t know if anyone saw the overachieving/underachieving of the Class of 2012 on Saturday Down South. They had Marshall as their #1 underachiever – a complete cheap shot at a DGD who suffered a terrible injury.


  4. Spike

    If anybody can and will do it he can.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I took these two things away from that article:
    1) Chubb is working on his rehab
    2) Chubb is with the team in Jax and relaxed and joking around.

    That’s about all we could have hoped for at this point. Godspeed, Nick.


  6. Dawganova

    What are the conflicting reports on his recovery? I don’t think I had heard before this article that he had cartilage damage in addition to the 3 ligaments. Geez.


    • I would be willing to put a bet that journalism degrees are not companioned with orthopedic sciences, but what do I know. I digress; sounds like Chubb is at least in good spirits and focused on getting healthy.