I’ve got your sending off present right here.

If you want a “how much do we care?” measure for the outgoing staff, here’s something to consider:

The running back depth chart remained unchanged. Tae Crowder is third-string behind Sony Michel and Keith Marshall, and A.J. Turman is fourth-string. It would still be quite the surprise if Georgia decides to burn Crowder’s redshirt.

Yes, it would.

Barring a rash of unfortunate injuries, I don’t see McLendon and Brown electing to do that.  But it’s not like anyone could stop them if they wanted to, either.



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    Coaches have respect for the game and the kids. I would say if they do burn this guys redshirt, that he has been consulted about it and agrees to go along with it.


  2. No Country 4 Old Dawgs

    And if the outgoing staff elected to Burn Crowder’s redshirt in the bowl game, he could always say “NO”. What are the outgoing offensive coaches going to do, leave Chaney/Pittman a nasty email about the kid? Somehow I bet Crowder would land on his feet.


  3. No Country 4 Old Dawgs

    And while I’m in the giving mood. Saban’s approach to program Mgmt., aka The Process, could rear it’s head at this position of need. Let’s face it. If A.J. Turman doesn’t get any meaningful playing time in the bowl game, then he needs to be ‘medically’ removed from Scholarship. Cause you only have 85 of ’em. And that there’s the blood of a program. Who’s with Me?


    • I agree with that


    • Argondawg

      I would be but I have no idea why Turman has never received any snaps. We saw him in the spring and he ran in the right direction and didn’t fumble. Is the kid not worthy of a single snap? I am not saying he is a great back but surely he should have gotten at least a snap or two. It’s a weird as hell situation. Seems like there is more to this than meets the eye. So in the last 3 years we have signed Turman, the Michel and Chubb and then Choates? Every two or three years we sign two great backs?


    • lakedawg

      Strongly suspect Turman will not be back next year. So signing to is a must this yer.


  4. Ben

    I really wish these bowl games were still simply exhibitions and something like a redshirt wasn’t a big deal. It’d be cool to see it be a place where some kids could get some playing time and coaches could try some stuff out.

    It’s the Taxslayer Bowl; does it really matter, in the long term, if Crowder gets in there? It’s one game, and it’s really inconsequential aside from the “40 Wins” thing.

    Am I alone in this?


    • Nate Dawg

      I don’t think you’re alone, but I’m not sure I’m on your team. ANYTIME the Dawgs play it’s consequential and not just for my own personal health…historical records, stats, team vs team records…these things matter to fans like me. I think the name alone hurts it…if it was still called the gator bowl it would be better. Even you name the “40 wins” thing, I’d like to think the players think that matters too. Anyway, just my 2 cents.
      Now if they did rule these things as exhibitions that might be different, but if they count towards the record then they count in my heart.


  5. DrHERBdawg

    UGa needs to sign 2 running backs in this recruiting class


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Well your probably right. We play the Hillbillies at home this season. But in 2017 we’re at their place so we might should load up at WR and RB. You know… just in case.


    • No Country 4 Old Dawgs

      UGA can no longer just recruit away it’s deficiencies as we did under Goff, Donnan and Richt. Roster evaluation is a necessary step. Coach Smart has been given the ultimate say over the program’s future, we hope. He can’t be afraid to be the bad guy. Because that’s what no one around Georgia’s football program wants to be, The Bad GUY. Often times a champion’s strongest trait is being an uncompromising bastard. Come on Dawgs don’t get all squeamish on me now. It’s time to go Elephant Hunting kids! Bring on the hides, tusks and trophies!!


  6. A10Penny

    If thje team loses a redshirt year while punishing the most deserving next man up, I think it would be a dis-service to Crowder unless he wants that red-shirt.

    I have wondered all year why Turman didn’t get a single carry against the cupcakes.

    If memory serves, Crowell, Gurley, Marshall, Chubb and Michel all saw significant action in Game 1 as true freshmen. In contrast, these guys can’t get a snap, so there’s probably a significant dropoff to Turman and Crowder, Unless they are late bloomers let’s not fret too much about it either way. Play the hardest practicing, most capable player, IMO.

    As far as signing two backs in ’16, I agree but the team has a lot of other needs. I’d rather they sign another 4-star QB or WR than a 3-star QB. The team will have Chubb/Michel/Douglas/Turman/Crowder/Holyfield next year which is a lot of scholarships at the position. Unless we lose one to transfer, I don’t see it as the highest of priorities.


    • A10Penny

      make that…”than a 3-star RB”


      • Argondawg

        Douglas graduates next year. If Chubb comes back healthy and they get to play Michel all over the field at least one maybe two goes pro. That leaves you with Choates, Turman and Holyfield? Umm no. We are on our 4th and 5th string backs right now. We need two this year minimum.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    I can’t wait to see the Taxslayer gameday thread.


  8. Go Dawgs!

    What. In the world. Is up with AJ Turman?! Did he hit on a coach’s wife or something? If he can’t pass protect or something, whatever, we have certainly given runners some snaps who can’t do that in spite of how important it is to our offense for runners to pass protect. Beyond that, how hard is it for a runner to learn a handful of plays so he can be available in a game where we’ve got two healthy bodies at the position, one of which is Brendan Douglas?! Is this guy just the biggest bust we’ve ever had at the position? Why can’t he get onto the field?