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Memphis does not go gentle into that good night.

I have no idea what’s behind this, but I can’t help but laugh my ass off about it.


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The process isn’t impressed with the Georgia Way.

Well, now.

Then again, maybe he’s just ticked at McGarity for taking Kirby Smart.



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Climbing on the Gus Bus

Going from one driver on the hot seat to another…

That makes two DCs in successive years to leave LSU.  Probably says more about Joe Alleva than Les Miles.


UPDATE:  This is awesome.

Two schools fighting over the guy who piloted the fifth best defense in the conference this season… which, I admit, would be a step up for Auburn.


UPDATE #2:  We have a winner!




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Today, in duh

You mean poorly maintained playing fields could be a factor in players’ head injuries?  Who knew?


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‘If you’re not coaching something, you’re letting it happen.’

It’s easy to give Jeff Schultz crap about some of the stuff he writes, but in my opinion, he really nails the expectations surrounding the Kirby Smart hire with this piece.

This, for example, is what we’re all hoping Smart brings with him.

Smart said Saban’s methods suggest, “I’m going to affect players more mentally than I am with X’s-and-O’s.”

The most important thing Saban taught him?

“How to compartmentalize,” Smart said. “You have all these boxes with all of these jobs you need to do them all really good within two hours of each other. You go from one meeting about a game plan to another meeting about recruiting to another meeting about academics. And in the middle of it all, maybe somebody gets arrested. But deal with each issue as it comes up. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the stuff you’re dealing with. He’s a master of that. He’s a master of psychology with the players. He’s changed a lot from the first time I met him at LSU.”

Details are what did Mark Richt in.  He never found a consistent way to manage everything.  Ultimately, that’s what kept a good coaching career at Georgia from being a great one.  And if Smart can’t do a better job in that department, well, he won’t get 15 years to figure it out.

It’s not all on Smart, either.  Which is still my biggest fear.

So why can’t everybody do it? Are Saban’s methods that complicated, or is he just smarter than everybody else?

“It’s really hard work, and it’s a grind,” Smart said. “It’s having the full support of the athletic department and the president and an unlimited budget to get what you need. He gets every competitive advantage that he can think of.”

Does that really sound like something we should expect to change at Georgia?  Color me skeptical about that.  I hope I’m wrong, but I’ll have to see the new leaf turned first before I’ll buy in.

Saban loves talking about the steps in his “process”: The vision, the procedure, the daily discipline to make it work, regardless of circumstances encountered along the way.

Most coaches have a similar philosophy. What they don’t have is Saban’s resume – or resources, power or job security. That’s why it’s so difficult to replicate.

If Kirby Smart manages to succeed despite a less than full commitment to the process and someone comes calling a few years from now who promises unconditional support, do you think he’ll show the same organizational loyalty that marked Richt’s career in Athens?  If so, why?


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Moar bowl game thoughts

Just some idle, random perusing…

  • I always hate reading stories about players who get injured before the end of their senior seasons.  This time, it’s Kenneth Towns who sees his career end prematurely.  It’s pretty strange to reflect that his biggest play of the year wasn’t a catch, but a tackle.  That’s the kind of year it’s been for Georgia, I suppose.
  • I get the whole the more things change, the more they stay the same aspect of John Lilly, bowl game offensive coordinator.  But what do you think the reaction will be if Georgia comes out Saturday firing on all cylinders offensively?


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“Everybody’s crying about how poor they are, but meanwhile they’re just going hog wild with stuff.”

Reason #2382 why colleges need amateurism:  Auburn – naturally – spent three-quarters of a million dollars on a 300-yard graphics display in its football practice facility.  Oh, and another $300,000 on updates.

Please, tell me again that there simply isn’t enough money in big time college athletics to compensate players.


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Life of the party

Count me as someone who thinks allowing guns on campus on game days is a bad, bad idea.  Not because of politics, but because taken together, booze, youth and unchecked emotions tend to be a volatile mix.


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You’re not in Athens any more, Dorothy.

Take a sobering look at the change in attendance figures Mark Richt is staring at… although the early start excuse is bullshit.

When some disgruntled Miami fan cusses about the playcalling from the stands, at least he’ll know his voice will be heard on the sideline, I guess.


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