Climbing on the Gus Bus

Going from one driver on the hot seat to another…

That makes two DCs in successive years to leave LSU.  Probably says more about Joe Alleva than Les Miles.


UPDATE:  This is awesome.

Two schools fighting over the guy who piloted the fifth best defense in the conference this season… which, I admit, would be a step up for Auburn.


UPDATE #2:  We have a winner!





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16 responses to “Climbing on the Gus Bus

  1. Russ

    Money? I can’t see why he’d jump from one frying pan to the next. It would have to be a lot, too. I’d much rather coach defense under Miles than Gus. I’m convinced that none of these HUNH teams will ever have a good, much less great defense. Watching Texas Tech get run over by LSU last night just reinforced it to me. I think that type of offense almost makes playing good defense impossible.


  2. 6claude

    I wouldn’t leave that LSU group of players for AU.

    I’m guessing LSU didn’t try to keep him.


  3. David

    Two factors to consider: 1) Steele is nearly vested in the State of Alabama pension plan 2) Alleva would only give Steele a 2 year contract last year.

    Football Scoop is reporting that LSU is trying to keep him this morning.


  4. Jack Klompus

    BTW- The “Pension Vesting” reason for someone to quit a job and take a new one is BS, especially for someone making $500K+. $80K, yeah I can see that, but not for a DC salary.
    If he wanted to stay at LSU, they could EASILY make it worth his while to skip the pension vest, not to mention he could take a job as the DC or DB coach at Alabama St when he is 60 to vest. You just don’t take a job for that. Same with Cockring.


  5. Is auburn going even further into debt? Just keep throwing money at it, guys! Lol! Reminds me of people who throw money into motorcycles or horses without learning what matters most first.


  6. CannonDawg

    Luther Van Dam is available for AU’s DC position. Experienced, coached under the legendary Hayden Fox at Minnesota State and the NFL, would be a good fit for Gus. This is a hire that would go a long way toward bringing some much-needed class to, well, let’s just say the need is there, and leave it at that.


  7. 69Dawg

    Watching the Auburn Memphis game as I type. Gus has bigger problems than defense. His high school offense needs a superman to run it. Their defense is playing well it’s the offense that is sucking.


  8. Mayor

    I’m guessing Steele thinks the Hat is going to be gone no later than after next season and is getting out while the getting out is good.


  9. JasonC

    I know it’s kinda the nature of the business but do you think he’s going to get a reputation as… Uh… You know… loose?
    It seems like he’s put his boots beside almost every team in the south’s bed.