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You mean poorly maintained playing fields could be a factor in players’ head injuries?  Who knew?


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  1. dlm80

    can’t believe they had a quote from an athletic field safety “expert” at UT… seriously…?


  2. indemnitor

    Dr. John Sorochan, co-director of the Center for Athletic Field Safety at the University of Tennessee. …wonder if he has any malpractice insurance


      • I believe that the good Dr Sorochan is the man that the UT athletic department wanted the head grounds keeper to consult with but he chose not to, There was an article about him on this blog earlier this year. He actually is a very qualified expert but for some inexplicable reason he has never been consulted about Neyland(unless it was very recently) This looks fairly simple to me….softer ,more compressible ground/subsurface leads to less concussions. Place nerf foam under the playing field…my work is done here.


        • The Dawg abides

          Exactly. He is world renowned and consults on Olympic fields, World Cup fields, and various other natural paying surfaces around the globe. But the UT athletic department won’t even reach across campus to the Plant Science department for his help. That’s some serious disconnect, arrogance, or both.


  3. Tronan

    Gas, grass, or ass, nothing in Knoxvegas is free.


  4. How about playing surface quality and knee injuries?


  5. No Country 4 Old Dawgs

    I wonder if they could bring Peyton Manning back to coach turf management?


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Those rubber pellets they use are also thought to cause cancer. Women’s national soccer was pissed that they had to play on it in Canada even though they protested to FIFA that the men got grass. Knees, hips, concussions and cancer – pretty expensive surface in the long run.