Thursday morning buffet

Bowls making you hungry?  Okay.

  • ESPN is reporting that Scott Cochran will be getting more than $600,000 a year to stay at Alabama.  $600K for a strength coach.  Jesus.
  • Speaking of salaries, you’ll be pleased to know that Charlie Weis comes off the Notre Dame payroll tomorrow.
  • This probably isn’t good.
  • I don’t know if you watched the Holiday Bowl last night, but some kid who had two career sacks coming into the game managed three – on three straight plays.  Wowser!
  • ESPN wants to dominate New Year’s Eve, much as the N.F.L. takes over Thanksgiving Day and the N.B.A. deploys five games in its bid to wrest control of Christmas from Santa Claus.”
  • Nobody at The Miami Beach Edition cares, ESPN.
  • Why they love bowl season:  Jake Ganus confesses to eating 13 lobster tails at the bowl game dinner.
  • I didn’t realize that Ivan Maisel wrote for the AJ-C.  It’s something to consider how much talent came and went at that paper.


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20 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    So basically Cochran will now make almost as much as a S&C coach as Donnan did as HC at UGA in the late 90’s. If I recall, at that time his total compensation package was 750k, with an eventual buyout of around 2 mil upon his firing.

    Yes, the late 90’s were a few years back…but it wasnt that long ago (it’s not like we only got to see Hines and Champ in black and white only on TV). What’s next, jumbotron operators pulling in 300k? Hell, might as we pay the equipment manager 150k+ with all that cash you, ahem, don’t have laying around.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Its something to consider how much talent came and when at the AJC…yeah, its something, I ain’t sure what, but its something.

    Besides, Maisel is a liar. Herschel never fumbled.


  3. There has been a good deal of discussion about the games being played today/tonight. Even in the “football hotbed” of Athens I am about the only person who is going to watch the games. I haven’t cared about NYE since Panic played the Theater so it doesn’t matter to me but I think they are making a mistake. Second mistake, the stupid late Monday night championship.


    • Agreed, I hate the NYE and the Monday night championship. Just this morning my buddies and I were texting about it. I said for me the ideal would be play the semi’s on the first Saturday that falls after December 15th each year. This gives teams some time to recover from the conference championship games, and gets the game in without interfering too much with Christmas. Then, play the championship on the first Saturday that falls after the New Year. I’m sure there’s reasons the coaches would object to that, but as a fan, I’d love it.


  4. ScoutDawg

    I hate to admit it. That ginger QB from Alabama is a pretty good analyst.


  5. ScoutDawg

    Can you say Ginger? Is that offensive?


  6. Jack Klompus

    Couldn’t agree more about the happy talk.

    Does Alabama allow the media access to the players?


  7. Lrgk9

    As far as talent and the AJC is concerned, other than Seth, the emphasis is on WENT.


  8. Ben

    I used to love watching the Peach Bowl late on NYE, but I’m not sitting around all day today to watch the Peach Bowl and then other games when I’ve got stuff that I need to do to enjoy an actual day off tomorrow. I hate what ESPN and the CFP have done to football, and as viewership drops, they’ll do more destructive things to the game to save it from themselves.


  9. Mayor

    Jake, 13 is an unlucky number. Eat 12 or 14 but NOT 13! Nooooooooooo!