“Football’s done. Now I gotta go get a job …”

This is just a great story.  And that many schools aren’t making the effort to drill the lessons that Ryan Broyles has learned into the heads of their student-athletes borders on negligence.

If Broyles’ NFL career is over, I sure hope he can figure out a way to spread this message in the right places.  Lord knows, there are plenty who need to hear it.


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5 responses to ““Football’s done. Now I gotta go get a job …”

  1. That was a good read, I am retired and fortunately I saved a good amount of money while working through my employers 401K plan. I look back now and see where I could have saved more and wish I had. This past year after 8 years of retirement I have less money starting the new year than I had the year before. I am not worried about out living my money but I enjoy my lifestyle and don’t want to have to cut back on it in the future.


  2. Jt (the other one)

    Great read. Agree 100% with Ryan Broyles. Great to see that there are kids out there with this mindset. Out of High School I was just like him out of high school except I was a young Marine. My net income wasn’t much but I also had no bills so I could spend on whatever I wanted. I had no clue about credit etc…I found myself in debt because credit cards were monopoly money for me. I married someone who had more than a clue and we live like Ryan does now. I have a mortgage as we just built a house in south Tampa (pretty expensive neighborhood but GREAT neighborhoods and schools) and regular expensive (gas, electric etc…). I could quit my job tomorrow and not worry about the mortgage or groceries gas etc…because of the way we decided to live. It has to be a conscious decision and you have to be disciplined. We enjoy our lifestyle and I have the freedom to quit working if I choose to. Not rich by any means but blessed live freely.


  3. lakedawg

    Does not sound like he is worried about rings gathering dust, sorta did what some coaches prepare young men for.


  4. Russ

    Great, great story, Senator. Thanks for posting this as I’d never seen it otherwise.

    This guy will be successfulr regardless of what he does.