Musical palate cleanser, down home edition

Inspired by the Oxford American Georgia music edition I posted about recently, I thought it was time to correct an oversight here at the blog.

Otis Redding.

And here he is, from a performance the day before he died, with “Try A Little Tenderness”:

Soul, baby.  What else needs to be said?


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10 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, down home edition

  1. Timphd

    All kinds of awesome there. Today’s autotuned music can’t even come close to that.


  2. roswelldawg

    I saw that performance on a show that was broadcast the day he died. I loved Otis and that song in particular. Immediately after I finished watching it, I walked upstairs and heard on the radio that Otis had died in the plane crash with his band.

    I remember walking outside and standing on the front porch, surrounded by Christmas lights, and snow, and being pretty emotional, thinking about Otis.

    There have been few like him and even fewer in today’s pop music wasteland.


  3. pumblechook114

    Senator – just wanted to say thanks for the Oxford American recommendation. Got mine last week and I’ve been glued to both the print and the CD since. Great stuff!


  4. Macallanlover

    Otis was awesome in that, as always, but I will stick with the “Live in Europe” version for that particular song (and several others.) I wish he gone back to the drummer and grabbed that drumstick from him during that annoying hammering he made throughout most of that song. I hope the mixologist toned that down on any released version. That period of MoTown/soul from 1965-1970 ish was the best period of music ever to me. My playlist of those songs from my college years was a joy to put together, and never fails to get folks to participate when we play it while entertaining guests our age that went to college in the south. Funny that it wasn’t as big a part of college students’ lives in other regions of the country, at least from my experience.


  5. illini84

    I’m sure there are plenty of people here that are not interested since it’s such ancient history but there is a good piece about Otis’ second to last show. It’s in “Strong Inside” about Perry Wallace, the player who broke the color line in the SEC by playing at Vandy. Otis played at Memorial Coliseum in Nashville just before the plan crash in Madison, WI.


  6. Best MPC ever. Got ta, got ta, got ta be!



    Thanks for the MPC. Otis Is one of the very best ever. The MPC comes from a local Cleveland, OH, show named “Upbeat” that Otis appeared on December 9th. His last song on the show that day was a duet with Mitch Ryder, who looked tiny next to Otis. They sang “Hold on! I’m Comin’.”
    It’s a sad bit of irony that the back up band scheduled for the next night in Madison was named “Grim Reapers.”