Nick Saban was “not the reason for this happening.”

Well, now, this is an interesting development.

One day after Oneonta linebacker Riley Cole decommitted from Alabama, his father David called into JOX FM’s Opening Drive to clear the air.

The main points: the Cole family was most disappointed in the timing of the decision, said communication was the major issue…

“The respect I have for Coach Saban and his family, I can’t describe enough about it,” David Cole said on JOX. “I really don’t think he knew about what was trying to be presented to us.”

But after Kirby Smart and Mel Tucker – Cole’s primary recruiters – left for Georgia, communication started to drop. Last Friday – just five days before National Signing Day – the grayshirt talk came up with Cole.

“Communication was the biggest problem and when Riley asked them to give an answer, they wouldn’t give him a straight answer,” David Cole said. “We got the impression they were wanting to wait until after National Signing Day, see who they got, and then let Riley know if they wanted to grayshirt him.”

So Cole claims a miscommunication problem, one that Saban didn’t know about?  Well, now, indeed.

Who’s the supposed guilty party?  Hey, looky here!

Alabama discussed with the Coles that Riley might redshirt his freshman season, but the idea of grayshirting – pushing his enrollment back from this summer until next January – was never discussed.

Until Friday, when David Cole said Pruitt, Alabama’s new defensive coordinator, mentioned grayshirting as a possibility in a conversation with Riley. David Cole said it appeared Alabama wanted to wait until after Signing Day – until other linebacker prospects announced their school choices – to decide whether Riley should grayshirt.

Okay, to be fair, we only have one side of the story, as coaches can’t comment on recruits until they sign with the school, but if Pruitt’s going off half-cocked without supervision, well, I can’t say that comes as much of a surprise.  And so much for those of you who suggested that Saban would have Pruitt flying right, because he’s Nick Saban.


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19 responses to “Nick Saban was “not the reason for this happening.”

  1. Merk

    Guess Kirby already made a phone call to him


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Saban hasn’t changed his oversigning stripes overnight.

    Thinking he is not a part of this is naive.


    • 1979 Dooley

      +1 – Saban is a douche of the first order.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Yeah, if you’re trying to tell me that any Alabama assistant coach is going around behind Saban’s back and informing recruits about potential gray shirts without Saban’s knowledge, I’m going to take that with the biggest grain of salt I can find. For one thing, I don’t really believe that it’s possible to do much behind Saban’s back given his reputation as being in tight control of all aspects of the program. Two, I don’t think Pruitt is stupid enough to do it, given what I imagine the consequences of pissing off Saban would be.


      • I don’t disagree with that. I just don’t know.

        And there are things Pruitt did in Athens – er, was alleged to have done in Athens – that you would have taken with a grain of salt, too.


  3. QSD

    Or maybe Pruitt is doing what Saban told him to do.


  4. Erk's Forehead

    Wait… It’s all beginning to make sense. As many here have observed, Saban has recently been moving away from his “Nicky Satan” persona towards a kinder, gentler, dabbing, smiling (gasp) persona as he cements his legacy as not only the GCOOE (Greatest Coach of Our Era), but EBBB (Even Better Than Bear) (gasp gasp).

    What better way to become more beloved than to hire a wild man a-hole (but terrific coach) to deflect the anger of all the outraged parents and Finebaum callers? Nick Saban doesn’t have time for your displeasure, caller. Please hold for Coach Pruitt.

    That’s some Keyser Soze level shit right there.


  5. ClydeBoogie

    What if Pruitt is made to look like the bad guy? What’s he gonna do? Dude, has no room for no more shenanigans, can’t show that lil ass no more.You already couldn’t work for Richt, you damn sure can’t be starting no shit with Nick. Guess who’s the happiest person there? That’s right old Lana Kiffin, there’s a NEW bitch boy in the building Lane slaps that ass every morning and tells him welcome home babe!!


  6. TimberRidgeDawg

    Pruitt gonna Pruitt


  7. Debby Balcer

    If it hard not been par for the course at Bama then I could fault Pruitt but grayshirting is a part of “The Process” at Bama.


  8. 69Dawg

    CJP will be more than happy to fall on his sword for Nick. He has the perfect out, Miscommunication old staff new staff. Everybody that has new coaches always use it. It’s tried and true.


  9. ASEF

    Or it’s a dad trying to damage control the situation. He might prefer a January enrollment at Bama for his kid rather than an August enrollment somewhere further away.