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The Smart signing day presser

Have a listen.



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Leaving money on the table

As I expected

As for overall numbers, Georgia has signatures or commitments from  18 players, and Marshall would make it 19.

“You’d like to add a few more, but we’re not in desperation mode by any means,” Smart said. “I’m completely comfortable if we only end up at 18, 19, 20 guys. Because I’m not gonna rush off and get any reaches. … To have those spots available when you have a full recruiting cycle (is ideal).”

This doesn’t bother me, at least not yet.  It’s not a Richt-type, benign neglect approach to recruiting.  Smart’s got a plan.  Obviously, he likes what he sees on the 2017 horizon and is confident he can use the open 2016 slots to fill out next year’s class, after he’s had a full recruiting cycle to sell the program to those recruits.

Now, whether he can successfully implement his plan, that’s the question.  We’ll see.


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SEC, Jim Harbaugh ain’t done with you yet.

This is some expert trolling, if you ask me.

Can’t wait to hear the responses to that.  And you can bet Corch and Franklin are asking themselves, “why didn’t I think of that?”.


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Meet the SEC’s Mr. Popularity.

Bert’s gonna Bert, people.

This year’s SEC Media Days are shaping up to be a real hoot.


UPDATE:  In the flesh…


UPDATE #2:  And now we enter “Bert, you’re fulla shit” territory.



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PAWWWLLL, Kirby ain’t payin’ attention.

Kirby Smart wants to know what are these “recruiting rankings” you’re referring to.

Smart insisted to former Bulldogs quarterback D.J. Shockley on the show that he didn’t pay attention to recruiting star ratings when asked about sleepers to watch.

“That’s a hard question D.J.,” Smart said. “I don’t know even who the four and five stars are. I try not to look at it and see it that way from that perspective. I look at who the guy is on an individual basis and see the quality of player. Fortunately, I’ve been able to watch all these kids.”

Damn it, Kirby, how can you win signing day if you don’t even know how?


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If coaching salaries drive you crazy, this’ll really send you over the edge.

The AJ-C reports that, at $676,931, Michael Adams was one of Georgia’s highest-paid university system employees in 2015.


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This is bold.

Man, nothing like raising expectations.


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