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Justice is served.

Only in the NCAA’s world does a coach pay for strippers to dance for and have sex with recruits and players at a program he’s no longer at while two graduate transfers who came in last summer after he left in hopes of making their first NCAA tourney appearance are the ones who get punished.

Once again, you can’t help but appreciate how much the schools care about their student-athletes.


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“Guess what? I got a fever, and the only prescription is more replay!”

For safety purposes, college football leaders have no interest rolling back the 3-year-old targeting penalty, which can result in the ejection of a player. But there are lots of discussions about how to improve replay’s often inconsistent reviews of the penalty, which are being called on the field more than ever.

Targeting flags on the field increased by 60 percent in 2015, with 115 calls made (0.14 targeting penalties per game). There were 55 targeting calls in 2013 and 72 in 2014. National officiating coordinator Rogers Redding said he doesn’t know why the targeting flags are up, adding that “the numbers sort of speak for themselves.”

Read the rest of Jon Solomon’s piece and you’ll come to the sad realization that Redding’s comment there is about as coherent as he or any conference’s officiating coordinator can sound.


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Still got some catching up to do

We’re justifiably excited that Georgia landed three five-star recruits in the 2016 class, but to keep things in perspective, consider that over the last four seasons, according to the 247 Sports Composite rankings, Alabama averaged at least three five-stars per class.


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Give me just a little more time.

I’ve got a question for those of you bitching that Kirby Smart staying at Alabama to coach through the national title game cost Georgia on the recruiting trail with its 2016 class.

If you believe that had Smart spent the time chasing recruits for his new team instead of coaching his old one, he would have signed two or three more Dawgs, aren’t you implying that the 2017 class, which will be his focus for the next twelve months, should be significantly better?

Bonus question:  if so, logically, doesn’t that justify Smart’s decision to leave a few spots open now to use next year?


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Game changer on the Flats

Georgia Tech just announced a four-year bachelor of science program in music technology.  Needless to say, the folks at StingTalk are speculating about the recruiting possibilities.

But this is Georgia Tech we’re talking about.  This is the face of the guy behind the new program.


Sure, the genius could make this work.


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Musical palate cleanser, “blue-eyed soul singer” edition

Just call him Sir Ivan Morrison now.

VAN Morrison described himself as just a “blue-eyed soul singer” from Belfast as he was knighted for a musical career that has enthralled audiences and delighted critics.

Over more than 50 years the singer has gone from teenage stardom to innovator and is now a respected veteran, whose classic album Astral Weeks regularly makes the list of top 100 albums of all time.

The artist, whose full name is George Ivan Morrison, was introduced as Sir Ivan Morrison as he stepped forward to be dubbed a knight by the Prince of Wales in Buckingham Palace’s ballroom.

Afterwards he said about becoming a Sir: “It’s amazing, it’s very exhilarating, the whole thing.

“For 53 years I’ve been in the business – that’s not bad for a blue-eyed soul singer from east Belfast.”

Helluva career, Sir.

In your honor, let’s hear something you did when you were slightly younger – from American Bandstand, here’s “Brown Eyed Girl”.

I dare you to watch that without singing along.  It simply isn’t possible.


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