Projected S&P+ rankings for 2016

Bill Connelly’s preseason formula for those is based on a combination of recruiting impact, returning production and recent history.  Georgia comes in 15th, which really doesn’t sound that out of line.  (It’s fifth best in the SEC, right behind Tennessee’s.)

The reason I’d hedge my bet a little on that is because Georgia shows up very well in the third category – eighth – and the staff that put that history together has largely been shown the door.  None of which is to say there can’t be an improvement, but we shouldn’t assume a case of history repeating, either.


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5 responses to “Projected S&P+ rankings for 2016

  1. Rick

    What we can all agree on is that if the new staff shows the promise of being 8th in the land over a 5 year period, they should be largely shown the door as well.


    • ASEF

      S&P (in)famously focuses an a team’s per play results and ignores the criteria most fans look at: wins, wins over rivals, meaningful and memorable post-season performances.

      So, yeah, Georgia had teams that managed to turn 8th best S&P into something far less than perennial Top Ten results. That’s the potential that kept Richt around so long. That’s the gap that sent Richt to South Beach.


  2. AusDawg85

    We have UT at home and losing in JAX was a (prior) coaching flaw. How do we not expect to win the East?


    • MGW

      Because our best case scenario at QB is to start a true freshman, and UT is actually pretty good. Wouldn’t be surprised if we won the East, but it would be a huge accomplishment. Other teams in the East can always count on Georgia shitting the bed to get them to Atlanta. We don’t have that luxury; we’ll have to earn it.


  3. SouthernYank

    His returning production ratings simply do not square with reality.