That’s Entertainment (and Sports Programming Network).

Remember when ESPN’s public editor asked, “Who’s expected to live by the traditional rules and ethics of journalism, and who isn’t?” and answered by saying,

“Expecting analysts to magically transform into journalists is not a realistic expectation — and, frankly, not the role they are being asked to play.”

Yeah, well, Todd McShay.

I heard from a lot of readers on Twitter looking for information on why ESPN college football reporter and NFL draft analyst Todd McShay was part of Michigan’s signing day event hosted by the Players’ Tribune on Feb. 3 at Hill Auditorium. The optics were odd given this was essentially a pep rally for Michigan and McShay had a formal role in the show. It was unclear if you were watching whether McShay was being paid by Michigan, which would really be odd given he’d have to report on them as a sideline reporter and draft analyst. Viewers clearly notice this stuff.

ESPN management said that McShay was not paid for the appearance and it did not know about his attendance prior to the event. To his credit, McShay answered the question when asked by SI. “I completely understand that I made a mistake and clearly should have discussed this appearance with ESPN in advance,” he said. “I will obviously learn from this situation, and in no way will this compromise the quality or objectivity of my work going forward.”

These guys aren’t even fucking trying anymore.  Sure, Todd, I’ll respect your objectivity as much as you do.


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11 responses to “That’s Entertainment (and Sports Programming Network).

  1. Jared S.

    ESPN is garbage.


  2. Participation in events (paid or unpaid) in no way biases the participant. Just ask them. They will tell you that. Thank you. Lets move along now.

    -Goldman Sachs


  3. Bulldog Joe

    ESPN needs out-of-region teams to be successful to get back in good graces with its national advertisers.

    It also explains why they built a show around the Rashan Gary Michigan announcement and why they have given so much free time to Jim Harbaugh.


  4. Good thing nobody gives a rat’s ass what Todd thinks.


  5. TnDawg

    unbiased as Danny Cannel and Joey Galloway


  6. Russ

    Well, I rarely even look at their website, but just by coincidence today, I saw an interesting article about Eason, another recruit and coaching changes. Good look at Eason.


    • Bulldog Joe

      A good contrast in outcomes. The eight weeks between the dismissal and the hire at Maryland likely cost them Haskins.

      It sounds like Eason was one of the first people Coach Richt contacted when the head coaching decision became official.

      He didn’t have to do it, but it is consistent with his character and it is likely one of the reasons Eason eventually enrolled here.


      • Debby Balcer

        Agree about Coach Richt and his character. I think Eason has grounded parents which helps the transition too.