Hypocrisy for everybody!

Most of this Kevin Scarbinsky column on Jim Harbaugh’s perfidy in bring spring practice down South is bullshit, because we all know that Greg Sankey’s stated concern about infringing on kids’ spring break time is hypocritical, but since we’re on the subject, I have to acknowledge that Scarbinsky shoots and scores with this:

What about Jim Delany? What about the Big Ten commissioner who’s so concerned about the student-athlete that he proposed a return to the quaint days of freshman ineligibility?

If Delany was sincere in his belief that “a year of readiness” would benefit student-athletes before they were asked to play games, what does he think about Harbaugh’s plan to take away even more of their down time?

Surely, Delany can’t be pleased with this idea even if there appears to be no specific NCAA rule that prohibits it. Yet he’s been absent, at least publicly, from this debate.

What a surprise.


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2 responses to “Hypocrisy for everybody!

  1. Bright Idea

    Harbaugh’s reason is obvious and just another ridiculous excess in college athletics but if Michigan can afford it so what? I think they’ll realize soon enough its an overly expensive way to get visibility in Florida and drop it after one year. Sankey should just say, “not in our backyard” and leave out the false concern about time off. Maybe Baccarri can deliver them some brownies.


  2. old dog

    Delaney does many things behind the scenes and I’m not sure exactly what they are…he’s most visible to me protecting any advantage the Big 10 has on anybody else (up to and including the most sacred cow of all…the Rose Bowl).
    He seems to do his job well and that’s why he makes the big bucks…nobody said I had to like it, though…