“This is an important issue.”

So, Greg Sankey is not going to lower himself to a Twitter war – “some childhood use of Twitter” – with Jim Harbaugh, because what’s at stake for the children is too damned critical.

“What’s unfortunate is people try to reduce this to simply a competitive issue, which it is not,” Sankey said.

The NCAA does not prohibit schools from conducting off-site practices during spring break, but Sankey believes the move by Michigan is counter-intuitive to the time-demand concerns discussed by Power 5 conference leaders and student-athletes at the NCAA’s annual convention in January.

“That’s the national issue and if I’m the only one that is going to speak about it, so be it,” Sankey said. “But it is one piece of this conversation that we don’t need to further. In addition, we need to understand that it’s really clear when people do things — push the boundaries — others follow and I think it is all in our collective best interests to say out-of-season sports using, in this case, spring break for practice purposes, is not appropriate.”

Question:  if this isn’t a competitive issue, then what business is it of the commissioner of the Southeastern Conference as to what the coach at Michigan does with his players?


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  1. Dolly Llama

    The man has already said, basically, “You do this, we BURY you, you COCKAROACHES …”

    If you do this to us, we will do this to you, and bury you in it. That’s his position.

    So, Selah.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Answer: None

    “Say Spring Break again. Say Spring Break again, I dare you. I double dare you, mother***ker. Say it one more time.”


  3. TnDawg

    Considering the history at UGA for spring breaks, maybe CKS should take the team to Ann Arbor for spring break.


  4. Derek

    It isn’t about competition it’s about his inability to not do likewise. If you show him how to harm the children, how can he not also do harm to the children? I mean lets be realistic here. It makes perfect sense.

    Similar arguments are applicable to drug prohibition. Why is cocaine illegal? Because if you did cocaine, I’d do cocaine. Lots of cocaine. As long as you aren’t having any, I’m good. In the meantime, I need the state to protect me from myself or you or something.

    Sankey, someone needed to jump on that “monkey see monkey do” problem and you’re just the guy.


  5. Cosmic Dawg

    Funniest part – and thus your italics – he’s not going to compromise the adultlike dignity of Twitter with a response.


  6. You didn’t hear him the first time senator? He’s DOING IT FOR THE CHILDREN.


  7. tbia

    I am not understanding how taking your team to Florida to practice during spring break is any different than taking your basketball team to play a few games in Bulgaria during the summer.


  8. “What’s unfortunate is people try to reduce this to simply a competitive issue, which it is not,” Sankey said.

        I know I'm defending someone that neither asked for or needs my defense but to be precise he is simply articulating a fundamental truth of life and that is ,nothing is just one thing. I believe a proper reading of the above quote actually reveals that it may well be a competitive issue but that is not the sole or lone reason he is putting this shot a crossed the bow. There are multiple reasons for the SEC commis to object to Harbaugh's spring break plan . Along with costs(this will obviously trigger an arms race, and UGA should reserve Disney Wide World of Sports right now), time constraints on the players and there may well be a competitive advantage for programs that can afford to practice in the Bahamas.
      I want drug tests done on the teams that have spring practice in Colorado and Jamaica,mon.


  9. Go Dawgs!

    Senator, I think it’s pretty clear that the coaches of the SEC have concern about this giving Michigan (and the schools that end up following suit) a competitive advantage in our back yard.

    However, I also think that they really are concerned about the spring break for players. For one thing, I do think that coaches have SOME measure of concern for their players. For another thing, and possibly a bigger thing, it affects spring break for the COACHES. It’s the same reason we have these dead periods in recruiting during some stretches of the summer. The schools got together and basically said, “we want to take vacation, we can’t take vacation when we know the rest of you jerks aren’t, so we’re going to make a rule that says none of us can recruit so we might as well go to the beach.”


    • When I see Sankey out in front of things like strictly enforcing the NCAA 20-hour per week rule, or cracking down on “voluntary” summer workouts, maybe I’ll buy some of that real concern.


  10. So the SEC just needs to remove the rule and then every SEC team will have a week of practice in HI. We can’t pay players but we could sure as shit schedule spring break practice at exotic getaways around the globe. “You think a bowl trip to Memphis was fun–wait until Spring Practice….on a Disney Cruise!!!!” Make videos of the relaxed practice atmosphere and show recruits where in the world the next for spring break practices will be held for the 4 years they will be in school. Go SEC. See the world. Eat shit Jim Harbaugh.


  11. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Sorry for being late on this…but I think this line is priceless.

    “‘Do I have expectations of the governing structure?’ Sankey said. ‘No, I’ve learned not to have expectations in the governing structure.'”


  12. truck

    I’m Greg Sankey, and I do what I do for the children.