(Defensive) backfield in motion?

Seth Emerson mentions something in his early look at Georgia’s cornerbacks:  “The other thing we don’t know is whether the new staff will want to pick starters and roll with them, or go on a week-to-week basis, as Jeremy Pruitt did.”

Pruitt did that, I assume, out of need more than general philosophy.  His first year was marked by a shortage of talent and his second by an infusion of green talent.  Mixing and matching from week to week was a logical approach both from a motivational standpoint and simply in order to get a handle on the best allocation of his resources.

But as the depth chart indicates, there is some experience and stability for Tucker to work with, certainly more than Pruitt had.  Does that lead to a change of approach?


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8 responses to “(Defensive) backfield in motion?

  1. The secondary is like the offensive line. They have to work in unison. One guy busts an assignment, and bad things happen. I really would like to see us stick with a first group and a second group that play together.


    • Go Dawgs!

      There’s definitely something to be said for building up relationships where you know what the other guys are going to do just based on instincts (yours and theirs). Ideally, the defensive coaching staff will do a good enough job of teaching them what to do where they’ll be plug and play and it won’t matter as much.


  2. I liked how Pruitt would mix and match based on matchups, which I think was smart given the lack of experience and/or talent he was dealing with. I think that was more out of necessity than design, but he pulled it off better than most would have. However, it would be nice if a few guys took a clear step forward as being the best we have, regardless of matchup.


  3. Juan

    I’m pretty sure there are some Soph (who should be rFR) that will get a chance to make an impact. Obviously, Sanders and Parrish are locked in but the other 3 spots should be up for grabs.


  4. DawgPhan

    I guess I will feel better about the talent and depth once we get finished with whatever house cleaning this new staff is going to do.