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Mark Richt hasn’t lost control over losing control.

It’s good to see some traditions survive transitions.

I do so hope Bradley and Herbstreit weigh in, if only for old time’s sake.  (Bradley will somehow find a way to blame UGA for it, right?)


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The inbreeding jokes write themselves, folks.

No word on whether when you register at BAMAmeetup.com, a website for Alabama fans who wish to find true love, you have to disclose whether you’ll accept a connection from a relative.


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Nick Chubb’s long, hard road back

Kirby Smart’s pouring a little cold water on a certain timetable.

Nick Chubb’s status and availability for the Sept. 3 opener against North Carolina coming off knee surgery:  “First of all, he’s an unbelievable kid that really likes working out. He already liked all this before this happened. …He’s going to be there every day and he has been. He’s done a great job. I think his psyche is he’s still a little tentative because he just started to run some and do some things. He trusts our training staff. Ron (Courson) does an unbelievable job with him. Ron gives me a weekly update on Nick and he’s shown really good progress. To say, he’s going to be ready day one or he’s going to be ready game one, I think we’re a long way away from that right now. We want to do what’s right for Nick long-term and that’s the most important thing. He feels comfortable with that, Ron feels comfortable with that and that’s at the discretion of the doctors.”

Smart said he thinks Chubb “can be great again and be better. I do think sometimes with these injuries, I remember it with Robert Edwards, I remember it with other guys, where they’re better the second year after it than the first year after it. We’ve got to remember that and we’ve got to be smart about that.”

Some of that is no doubt being realistic.  And no two players recover at the same pace, especially when you’re talking about as serious an injury as Chubb suffered.  But if he’s not able to return until 2017, I wonder what that does for the expectations regarding Smart’s first season.  It certainly doesn’t help.


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David Boren’s dream

Once upon a time, the Big 12 conference had a plan.

Boren’s comments come just a few days after the league’s presidents, chancellors and athletic directors met at the conference office in Irving, Texas. There, they agreed to allow only commissioner Bob Bowlsby to speak on behalf of the conference going forward, presumably in response to the negative comments Boren had made about the league.

That didn’t last too long.

Boren on Tuesday told The Oklahoman that Big 12 presidents have agreed that they need to make a decision, perhaps by this summer, on the reforms Boren has championed: expansion, a football championship game and implementation of a conference network.

“We’re in a fact-finding mode, we’re in a data-gathering mode,” Boren said. “In other words, what will it mean to the stability of the conference? What will it mean financially to the conference?

“We’ve sort of said to ourselves, come this summer, we’re going to have to finally make a decision about what we do. We cannot indefinitely postpone decisions. That’s what I had gotten frustrated about. I thought we were spinning our wheels.”

But Boren says the presidents have agreed to research the numbers and let the data decide.

“And I think a consensus is forming around these three reforms,” Boren said. “So I’m in a personal mode of patience. Trying to be patient, because sometimes it takes time to work through.”

The fact I’m having a hard time trying to find is simple.  How in the world does the conference convince Texas to give up the Longhorn Network, add two new members and make the math work out such that UT doesn’t lose any money from the new arrangement?  If Boren’s got an actual solution for that knotty problem, he’s occupying the wrong presidency.


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Beyond chutzpah: Michael Adams on academic fraud

The man who brought Jim Harrick and Son to Athens doesn’t have an everyday set of brass balls – nah, they’re brass balls with lead centers.  Damned heavy suckers, if you get my drift.

BRAD WOLVERTON: So you’ve seen this rash of cases involving academic misconduct recently. You had Syracuse, you’ve got UNC under investigation. Not to comment on anyone in particular, but what do you think has contributed to that? Some people say it’s actually the tougher standards on the front end.

MICHAEL ADAMS: Well, those people and I would disagree. I think there are two things that are compelling to me. When I was chair of the executive committee of the NCAA in some of the last years of the late Myles Brand, who was a very close friend of mine, we put a lot of money into enforcement. I think that was a smart thing. So I think, on one hand, some of the cases that are coming forward now are because the NCAA is doing a better job investigation-wise and sort of ferreting out what’s going on. And then secondly, I think there are some coaches out there unfortunately — I’ve met some of them — who’ve decided that their way to success was to cheat. And I think without having deep animus toward them, which is sometimes hard, I do think the message has to be sent to them that the cost of cheating in the NCAA is not worth it. And I think until that messages is internalized, we may have some more cases like this.

Nary a word about administrative accountability there.  Although at least he admits he’s met cheating coaches before, so he’s not as if he’s living in total denial.


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“This is why Georgia parted ways with Mark Richt.”

“This”, according to Andy Staples, being due to Richt not taking sufficient advantage of this:


  • Georgia:  113.6
  • Ohio:  64.6
  • Louisiana:  38.6

To be fair, Staples acknowledges that the head coach at Georgia has a more difficult task, demographically speaking, putting up a fence around the state than do his peers in the other two states.  But he insists it’s not challenging enough to overcome that huge margin of production.

He’s also fair enough to state that if Kirby Smart can’t do a better job keeping the in state talent at home, he’ll wind up sharing Richt’s fate, too.  Which means Smart will have to improve upon this start:


UPDATE:  A little more detail from Bud Elliott

Georgia featured 25 blue chippers in 2016, and while we are waiting to see where five-star Demetris Robertson signs, the Bulldogs did land nine of the 24 who have signed, a solid effort in the first year under Kirby Smart. Georgia is the only state with major football powers on every border, and it is not realistic to expect the Bulldogs to keep everyone home.

The SEC, however, does dominate the state, signing 18 of the 24, with the ACC signing four (none of which went to Georgia Tech). Auburn was the top out-of-state recruiter, signing three, while Clemson, Tennessee, Florida and USC each grabbed two.


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Strength in numbers

As you watch the battle at left tackle unfold this coming August, keep in mind the following heights and weights:

  • Returning starter:  Isaiah Wynn (6-2, 278)
  • Primary backup:  Aulden Bynum (6-5, 268)
  • Graduate transfer:  Tyler Catalina (6-5, 315)


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Georgia and the COA stipend: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Greg McGarity dropped a little warning after yesterday’s GAA board of directors meeting:

While little new ground was broken during the one-hour meeting, McGarity told reporters afterward he expects to see Georgia’s cost of attendance number increase in the near future. The Bulldogs’ numbers — $3,221 in-state and $3,746 out-of-state — is ninth among SEC schools.

“It’s a moving target,” McGarity said “I think you’ll see some movement around the conference. There can be no collusion. It’s against antitrust laws as I understand things now for conferences to get together and say ‘Let’s do this, let’s do that.’ We would love to be able to be there one day where we have consistent cost of attendance figures.”

McGarity said he expects “tweaks across the board” in the SEC. “You’ll see some change. I would predict all schools will see some movement.”

My, my.  It seems we’ve come a long way from being part of a group lobbying for a more uniform method of arriving at the Cost of Attendance, baby.  And that’s in a mere two months.

Something tells me Kirby Smart is a lot more at peace with the change of heart than Greg McGarity is.

By the way, McGarity’s wrong about one thing.  It’s the NCAA that can’t set a limit on stipends.  The conferences are perceived as competitors, so if the SEC wanted to do so, that wouldn’t run afoul of antitrust law.  The real issue, though – and I suspect McGarity knows this, too – is that there’s no consensus within the conference to set a fixed threshold.

Get used to tweaks, in other words.



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Wednesday morning buffet

Plenty to graze on today…


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