Beyond chutzpah: Michael Adams on academic fraud

The man who brought Jim Harrick and Son to Athens doesn’t have an everyday set of brass balls – nah, they’re brass balls with lead centers.  Damned heavy suckers, if you get my drift.

BRAD WOLVERTON: So you’ve seen this rash of cases involving academic misconduct recently. You had Syracuse, you’ve got UNC under investigation. Not to comment on anyone in particular, but what do you think has contributed to that? Some people say it’s actually the tougher standards on the front end.

MICHAEL ADAMS: Well, those people and I would disagree. I think there are two things that are compelling to me. When I was chair of the executive committee of the NCAA in some of the last years of the late Myles Brand, who was a very close friend of mine, we put a lot of money into enforcement. I think that was a smart thing. So I think, on one hand, some of the cases that are coming forward now are because the NCAA is doing a better job investigation-wise and sort of ferreting out what’s going on. And then secondly, I think there are some coaches out there unfortunately — I’ve met some of them — who’ve decided that their way to success was to cheat. And I think without having deep animus toward them, which is sometimes hard, I do think the message has to be sent to them that the cost of cheating in the NCAA is not worth it. And I think until that messages is internalized, we may have some more cases like this.

Nary a word about administrative accountability there.  Although at least he admits he’s met cheating coaches before, so he’s not as if he’s living in total denial.


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18 responses to “Beyond chutzpah: Michael Adams on academic fraud

  1. It is not enough that he is no longer our President …he must die. #MichaelAdamsMust Die


  2. Russ

    Is there any truth to the rumor that Michael Adams was found with 6 dead hookers?

    Yes, I hate him more than Craig James. At least one dead hooker more.


  3. old dog

    It must have been a bad year for qualified university presidents when Adams got the job at UGA…he must have kept his job by bringing in 10 trillion dollars to the university coffers…I can’t think of any other reason to keep him around so long…if his name was on my diploma, I would be looking for the white-out…good riddance…


  4. ASEF

    UNCs case was almost entirely self-reported. You could say entirely if you count the player tweets that started the agent investigation that got the ball rolling. Seriously – everything the NCAA has on UNC was delivered to them by UNC itself or by independent investigators sanctioned by UNC. Not exactly a testament to the NCAAs investigation prowess. And Exhibit B in the Senator’s “why would you ever investigate yourself for the NCAA?”


  5. Bulldog Joe

    “We put a lot of money into enforcement.”

    Enforcement of what?


  6. 3rdandGrantham

    Its funny how when a program gets in trouble, absolutely never is the president held accountable or punished in any way. After all, why in the heck would they be — the presidents themselves are the ones who make up the very committees who are in charge of overseeing everything. So certainly the last thing they are going to do is call out one of their own colleagues. And thus, the athletes themselves end up being punished the most while the admins continue to enjoy the halcyon days from their ivory tower.

    Donna Shalala at Miami is a great example. There were all sorts of photos with her and Shapiro, including one with Shapiro handing her a donation check, yet she skated by unscathed while everyone else took the fall. Paul Dee is another great example, as he was one of the heads of enforcement at the NCAA (after previously serving as AD at Miami), and would often scold other programs (like USC) during the punishment phase for lack of oversight and compliance (stating there are absolutely no excuses, etc), yet he himself was the AD at UM during the entire Shapiro fiasco. Of course, both he and the NCAA were conveniently mum when the entire Shapiro thing unfolded.


  7. Normaltown Mike



  8. ApalachDawg

    the gift that keeps on giving…


  9. MGW

    Gotta let those coaches know that if they’re busted cheating then the kids and coaches 5-10 years later are really going to pay. That’ll stop em.


  10. Athens Dog.

    Adams = turd. That is all


  11. The Nelson Puppet

    Speaking of cheaters, how’s Bruce Pearl doing down at Auburn? They’re paying a hell of a lot of money for a whole lot of meh.