Our IPF can beat up your IPF.

Jason Eck is the offensive line coach at South Dakota State.  Apparently he wants to compare the size of his Johnson with Greg McGarity’s.

Cheeky bastich, no?

Hit him with your reserve fund, Greg.

(h/t Big Shock)


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26 responses to “Our IPF can beat up your IPF.

  1. Mark

    In South Dakota, you don’t have an indoor facility and before the season’s over, all your players are losing fingers and toes to frostbite. Not sobat UGa
    Try recruiting against THAT, SouthnDakota!


  2. Sounds like someone tried to get a job on Kirby’s staff and was told, “Thanks but the position has already been filled. We’ll keep your resume on file.”


  3. ToccoaDog

    Whats his beef with UGA? Is he poking the bear hoping that they get invited to Athens for a game so he can give us our comeuppance?


    • Go Dawgs!

      I just looked at his resume and he’s definitely never coached anywhere close to the SEC or any other major conference. But he did play at Wisconsin on their Rose Bowl team in 1998 so I’m willing to be he was on their 1997 team. Maybe he’s still upset about getting his ass drilled by Mike Bobo and the 1997 Georgia Bulldogs in the Outback Bowl.


  4. Uglydawg

    I’d go poison their oak trees if they had any.


  5. Noonan

    This is like bragging about your hemi-powered Dodge pickup while living in a trailer park.


    • Bulldog Joe

      True but those Dodge Rams are pretty sweet.

      BUT we can brag about the F-150 we used to have AND the South Campus InDoor Multipurpose Athletic Rehearsal Center we will have someday.

      Tell him he can suck on THAT!


  6. waterloodawg

    Looks like a converted DOT salt warehouse to me.


    • Dolly Llama

      That’s what I was thinking. Looks like a Butler Building with a football field and a track inside it to me.


      • Just Chuck (The Other One)

        Didn’t see any insulation in those walls. In the winter, it may be out of the wind but I bet it’s still cold.


  7. Jack Klompus

    Ha. Love the McGarity comment. Well done.


  8. Cousin Eddie

    Bet Pruitt put him up to it


  9. Normaltown Mike

    the record low in Brookings, SD is 41 below…they average 3 feet of snow each winter….so yeah, a badass IPF is kinda important.


  10. DawgPhan

    Just another example of how the administration has made UGA a joke when it comes to facilities.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      So true. I’m sure we’ve got em beat on seating capacity at Sanford, Foley and the Steg. But I’m not so sure we want to compare concessions and restrooms.


  11. I bet McGarity wishes there was a way to do a panorama of the reserve fund. That way he would satisfy the egos of his bosses. If South Dakota State wants to double down, I’m pretty sure they need to do the same thing with their basketball facilities.


  12. Marc

    He has a connection to the state. Looks like he went to St. Pius in Atlanta, according to this bio:


  13. Walt

    Does SDS even have an outdoor practice facility?


  14. sniffer

    He’s seen our coeds in April.
    We’ve seen his winter in Jan, Feb, Mar….

    We win


  15. Castleberry

    How far is South Dakota from Montana? Word must be getting out about the Georgia Bulldogs.