“There’s a difference between not being prohibited and being OK.”

As the hand-wringing over Jim Harbaugh continues apace, with the asinine insistence that this is all about demands on student-athletes’ precious time (never mind Harbaugh’s point that college basketball players have taken trips all over creation without similar objections), this is a pretty good rebuttal from one of Harbaugh’s players:

Take that, Emmert and Sankey.  No wonder Jim Delany can’t bring himself to take a stance.


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9 responses to ““There’s a difference between not being prohibited and being OK.”

  1. Jt (the other one)

    I don’t have a problem with it. If other schools don’t like it then there is nothing stopping them from doing the same…UGA camp in Miami? or L.A. (NOT LOWER Alabama) -why not?


    • DawgPhan

      there is something stopping UGA from doing the same. Rules against doing the same mostly.

      It’s great that Jake doesnt mind. I am sure many of his team mates feel the same.

      From the outside it just looks like the schools are taking more free time from the students and turning it into a mandatory practice time.

      Sort of like if your boss took 5 days of vacation from you at work and then paid for you to go to a training meeting in Hawaii for 5 days.

      yeah it’s nice to get the trip, but it’s also nice to have free time.


  2. If Harbaugh wasn’t such a well known prick it probably wouldn’t be nearly as big of a story.


  3. pantslesspatdye

    Nice play on the twitter handle


  4. banjocarbo

    reBUTTal? I see what you did there


  5. Semper Fi Dawg

    guess the NCAA should stop the Thanksgiving and Christmas tourneys in the Bahamas and Maui now


  6. Vectordawg

    Do most college kids worry about class during spring break, or is it just student athletes?


  7. SouthGaDawg

    Do people realize that because of the winter weather, northern school baseball teams go on road trips to the south this time of year that far exceed what UM is talking about with spring practice – same with college golf. They miss weeks of school at a time.