They don’t call it the Fulmer Cup for nothing.

Barrett Sallee characterizes this

The news of a Title IX investigation into the athletic department’s handling of sexual assault cases and allegations broke on February 10. Former Vol and Super Bowl champion quarterback Peyton Manning’s case involving a trainer from two decades ago bubbled back to the surface thanks to a New York Daily News report that included the accuser’s affidavit from a 2003 defamation lawsuit. Former Vol and recent graduate Mack Crowder was arrested on felony charges related to a child sex sting. Current Vol and recent junior college transfer Alexis Johnson was arrested and suspended indefinitely following an arrest for aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

… as “February distractions” that the program should be able to shrug off in its quest to win the SEC East.

Well, it’s not like UT doesn’t have plenty of experience doing that.


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9 responses to “They don’t call it the Fulmer Cup for nothing.

  1. DavetheDawg

    Unless those “February distractions” morph into “August distractions” and such.


  2. watcher16

    Hold some players out of the coin toss and all will be reconciled


  3. Dog in Fla

    a/k/a Dave Hart, Jr.’s


  4. Nate Dawg

    Man have y’all heard what Herbstreit had to say about this?!?
    …Yeah, me neither.


  5. Steve

    That loud whoooshing sound coming from the southwest of Athens is the collective sigh of Auburn fans as they convince themselves that if the NCAA is starting the UT colonoscopy that the NCAA won’t pay attention to the shit-stained underwear worn by the Auburn faithful.


  6. James Stephenson

    Where was that video of a UT fan looking at the arrest paper for GA football players.


  7. Cousin Eddie

    Wouldn’t it be a bigger distraction if they weren’t in the news for some stupid BS? All the ut faithful would be afraid they have lost their edge.