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Perhaps not the wisest choice of words

In response to a question about sexual assault accusations the Tennessee program faces, Booch says he’ll “stay the course”.  I’m not sure many folks are going to find the status quo in Knoxville very comforting, since that’s exactly why he got asked the question in the first place.

Although it could have been worse, I guess.  At least he didn’t say they’d finish the drill.


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“We want to hear what the student-athletes have to say.”

The NCAA announces a massive survey of Division I athletes – more than 100,000 responses are expected – in order to obtain feedback for the purpose of shaping new policies on time management.  Here’s a sample:

Questions in the survey include:

  • Would you be supportive of requiring a minimum of eight hours overnight between CARA periods (e.g. if competition ended at 10 p.m., practice could not be held earlier than 6 a.m. the next day)?
  • Would you be supportive of requiring an in-season break (e.g. prohibiting practice or competition over a multi-day period during the season)?
  • Would you be supportive of reducing the amount of contests allowed in your sport by 10 percent?
  • Would you be supportive of playing the same number of contests but lengthening the season for your sport?
  • Out of season, how many hours per week of weight training and/or conditioning should be permitted in your sport?
  • Would you be supportive of requiring a minimum number of “rest” hours after returning from travel before student-athletes would be permitted to practice or compete?

The survey also asks whether film review, media activities, prospective student-athlete hosting duties, strength and conditioning, team study hall, travel to and from competition, and other activities should be considered countable athletic-related activities. After each section, respondents are given opportunities to provide additional comments.

Coaches, faculty representatives and administrators also will be surveyed.

And somehow, the NCAA expects to take all of this information, analyze and absorb it, and be in a position to present “a massive time-demands package up for vote” in a 10-month period.  Seriously?  When have the schools ever gotten their collective act together on a contentious issue like this in such a time frame?


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Malcolm Mitchell’s obituary for the Richt era

Leave it to him to have the final word:

Mitchell spoke with reporters at the NFL scouting combine Friday. He was focused on a potential switch to defensive back, but he also had time to reflect on the end of the Richt era, saying he was “surprised” by the move but understood why it happened.

“From the business aspect of it — which is all I can answer, ’cause I don’t know their personal decisions — they wanted a championship,” Mitchell said. “And we as a team did not deliver that last season.”

“What’s fair and what’s not fair for a college football program?” Mitchell said. “I’m not sure. I know I loved (Richt) as a coach and as a person, and I was sad to see him leave that university.”


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Jim Harbaugh, IMG and Sutton’s law

Why is Michigan’s coach going to Florida to hold some of his team’s spring practices?  Because that’s where the money is.

(For those of you who don’t get the Sutton’s law reference, here you go.)


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