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How much of a poster boy is Keith Marshall?

Today, the AJ-C asks the musical question, “Will new OC Jim Chaney be more effective than previous UGA staff at utilizing talent?”.  If by “staff” they mean Brian Schottenheimer, well, okay, I suppose.  But if this is intended as a larger scale criticism of Richt’s offense, it’s only fair to point out Georgia’s national ranking in offensive yards per play over the previous seven seasons:

I looked but couldn’t find a year in there when Jim Chaney coached an offense with a better ypp ranking than Bobo.

By the way, last year Georgia was 40th.  Pittsburgh was 56th.  Now it’s fair to note that Georgia had more talent at its disposal, at least until Chubb’s injury, but looking back further, it’s hard to argue Georgia was doing that poor a job with utilization.

This isn’t to say I wish Keith Marshall’s touches hadn’t been significantly higher in 2015.  But it isn’t to say that Chaney’s a slam dunk, either, at least compared to Bobo’s history in Athens.  Particularly if we’re not being overly pessimistic about the talent holes on offense this season.


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Just shut up.

His mind perhaps distracted by the size of Donald Trump’s penis, Marco Rubio goes for broke and elects to disregard the Dawgnation vote in Georgia.



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Leap Day

Those of you on Twitter who think you’re putting up clever examples of football players leaping, you’re doing it all wrong.  Those aren’t leaps.

These are:

You’re welcome.


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“You do whatever you have to do to win the game.”

My personal feeling is that Jason Butt is jumping the gun a bit in suggesting that Georgia’s offer to a dual-threat quarterback in the class of 2018 represents a sea-change in approach to what we’ve been used to offensively around these parts for a while, “Smart told him he’s looking for a quarterback similar to Clemson’s Deshaun Watson” notwithstanding.

For the sake of argument, let’s say he’s right, though.  Again, personally speaking, the sentiment expressed in the header should be Smart’s only mantra as Georgia’s head coach, but let’s be honest here:  programs like Alabama and Georgia use preparing players  for the next level as a major selling point to recruits.  So how does Smart balance use of the spread offense to win against the standard-issue NFL whine these days about college players coming out of spread attacks not being fundamentally prepared for the pros?


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Delta is ready when Jim Harbaugh is.

So which Southern idiot suggests a boycott of – or urges SEC schools to re-evaluate their usage of – the Atlanta-based airline first?


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Lawyerin’ up.

Not a good look for you, Curt Maggitt.


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Must See SEC TV?

I’m just curious when I see quasi-promotional stuff like this – how much time do you spend watching the SEC Network?

We haven’t had a reader poll in a while, so here goes nothing.



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