“At this stage in their careers, these guys know how to hit and take a hit.”

The Ivy League is about to take the unprecedented step of eliminating all full-contact hitting from practices during the regular season.  The really interesting thing here is that the decision to do so isn’t being imposed from on high by school presidents.

Instead, the eight Ivy League coaches unanimously approved the measure last week.

It’ll be interesting to see if this is the start of a larger trend.


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11 responses to ““At this stage in their careers, these guys know how to hit and take a hit.”

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    Ahh, I can picture the following Harvard-Yale play by play call this fall:

    “Hand-off to Brayton Rutherford (III) and he’s hit immediately by two Yale DL but they bounce right off of him. Cortland breaks to the outside and is hit by three more defenders but they can’t bring him down! He’s at the 40, 50, 45…hit by two more but Brayton shoves them aside!…still going…35, 30, 25, breaks two more tackles!…10, 5, touchdown Crimson!”


  2. Otto

    Producing our future political leaders…..


  3. AusDawg85

    Everybody will also get a participation trophy.


  4. Rampdawg

    The pussification continues.


  5. 69Dawg

    I watched a video of a NFL team (I’m old and can’t remember) that has started teaching their players to tackle the way Rugby players do, without the use of the head. The interesting part is the team can practice tackling to the ground without going full speed. It involves the positioning of the tacklers body so that the runner will trip over the body of the tackler, even if the tackler can’t wrap him up. It seem effective and a lot safer since it teaches them to avoid the use of the helmet (head) as a weapon or a target. Maybe the high school coaches can pick this up.


    • Russ

      Seahawks. I saw that, and also saw that their percentage of missed tackles (or however they track that stuff) went down. They were tackling better.

      Seems like a good thing to me.


    • The Dawg abides

      I’ve posted this before, my dad played HS football in the early fifties. All they had was a thin shelled helmet with some webbing on the inside and no facemask. It was unheard of to lead with the head. The tackles were rugby style and ball carriers just lowered a shoulder or used a stiff arm. As helmets and facemasks evolved to become more protective, the reliance on them as a weapon evolved also.


  6. MGW

    The guys not coming off the bench until mid season are going to try to kill someone.


  7. DC Weez

    In ten years, the Ivy League will go to Flag Football.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Harass them,
    Harass them,
    Make them relinquish the ball!