“I understand right from wrong.”

Mr. Conventional Wisdom’s interview with Booch is every bit the hard-hitting exercise in journalism you’d expect.  If I get the gist of Barnhart’s keen insight correctly, Jones and Tennessee have a couple of things working in their favor:  Booch’s dad was a police chief (“I have grown up in a law-enforcement culture,” Jones said.) and Notre Dame is facing a Title IX investigation, too.

Despite that, Mr. CW ponders the shocking possibility that UT might have to settle.

But even a successful fight could take years and several million dollars in legal fees. Given the nuances and the cut-throat nature of recruiting, could Tennessee football survive such a protracted legal battle in the court of public opinion? And will that same court of public opinion pronounce Tennessee guilty if it settles?

Will no one step up to comfort the Urnge if there’s no admission of liability?  As long as the man has a forum in which to express himself, I suspect he’ll be around with a box of Kleenex.


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  1. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Drae Bowles dad is also in law enforcement…Sherrif in TN…so they both have grown up in a ‘law enforcement’ culture yet one of them is apparently lying.

    How can that be?


    • Go Dawgs!

      May have posted this before, but when I’m trying to identify who is lying i try to identify which party has the most to gain or the most to lose in the equation. In this situation, no doubt that it’s Butch Jones. Not sure what Drae Bowles gains by lying about Butch’s words. He’s at UTC either way. I’m sure UT partisans will say he’s a disgruntled former player, angry about a lack of playing time that sent him to UTC instead of being blackballed by the team. I guess it’s possible. But Butch Jones knows in a he said/he said that more of the people who have an impact on his future will find him to be the more credible party. And he’s got a LOT to lose here.


  2. Doug

    Man, the tone of that article just made my skin crawl. It’s as if Barnhart went into it already assuming that Booch was squeaky-clean and the accusers were just trying to squeeze UT for a settlement. That’s exactly the kind of attitude that makes assault victims afraid to come forward, and that fear, in turn, just emboldens sexual predators to feel like they can act with impunity. Say what you will about his party-line flacking for the Ess Eee Cee, but I thought Barnhart was at least better than this.


    • Paloaltodawg



    • Rp

      -100. I just cancelled out the other guy. The tone of this article is fine. There are 100 other articles out there critical of Tennessee and Butch. At this point we don’t know who is lying and what the facts are. It’s ok to remind your readers of those issues in order to provide balance to the other coverage. I am glad to see that we will have actual criminal trials for the players to determine guilt or lack thereof. Also, it is worth noting that Bowles made his statements in a sworn declaration that was filed with the Federal Court in Nashville, so that does give his side a lot more credence. Will Butch stick to his story under oath?


  3. I suspect they will just follow the FSU experience.


  4. I have seen and experienced instances where kids of police officers having the idea that they can somehow skirt the law or at least get excused.


  5. SemperFiDawg

    “My father is a cop and besides the neighbors are doing it.” The only thing missing is “My best friend is a black girl….who was raped.” WOW! Just WOW! Butch should be a poster child for public defenders.


  6. Gravidy

    I’ve been reading Barnhart’s work for more years than I care to admit, but I can hardly bring myself to do it any more. Is he getting worse? Or am I just getting more cynical?


  7. Derek

    It puts me at great ease to know about Booches familial law enforcement connections as we all know that police officers won’t lie:


    They would never intimidate witnesses to serve their own interests:


    And obviously it goes without saying that they’d never, ever destroy evidence to protect their own:


    I think we can take Butch’s word on this now. Clearly this player made up Booches “traitor” comment because….someone help me here. Why would this kid have invented that story?


  8. 69Dawg

    FSU and UT were hardly the first to deny, deny and deny some more. Like the early article said, the fired lady got so used to the players being told what to tell her she had no doubt they were rehearsed


  9. Steve

    Señor Boooch is getting a physical science lesson. The ignition temp of a paper mache orange jack-o-lantern soaked in lighter fluid is 230 degrees (F). Being attached to the ceiling by wire or work contract eliminates any chance of escape without serious burns and destruction. Now here is where it gets interesting. The temperature of a Bic lighter can reach nearly 1,977 degrees Celsius. And the thousands of lighters edging toward the orange vegetable get closer with each one of his rehearsed data dumps and standard denials.
    The next part of this plot will be the sudden discovery of an assistant coach ‘who was aware’ and will be pushed off the train in an effort to save El Jefe Pico (Señor Boooch). Sleep well, Señor Boooch. Dickhead. If this is what you call ‘doing things the right way’ you can always find a job as a professional fire starter at Bar B Que cook-offs.