Jim Harbaugh… [drops the mic]

At this point, what more can you say about his epic trollery?

Purely from a blogging perspective, when the day comes that Saban retires, I hope Alabama throws a shit ton of money in Harbaugh’s direction to get him down here.  The fun would never stop.


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17 responses to “Jim Harbaugh… [drops the mic]

  1. Gravidy

    Harbaugh is almost going to make me sympathetic toward TU. Almost.


  2. Nate Dawg

    I thought “bullying” was out?


  3. “focus attending to your present team of lawyers”
    There. I fixed it for you Jim. Your welcome.



    This guy gets more free pub.


  5. Bob

    The Donald Trump of College Football.


  6. Doug

    Off the top rope. Can’t wait for Harbs to go for the folding chair.


  7. Argondawg

    I have a serious love hate relationship with Harbaugh. That last tweet was epic.


  8. Steve

    Was that a OCD pick-up line? Or just the start of Buster Brown’s CTE?
    Nonetheless, what will be even more significant is how Señor Boooch, (El Jefe Pico) responds….since El JP clearly has a perverse need to channel the televangelist Jim Bakker’s decades-old denials of tax fraud. Over and over and over and…..


  9. Napoleon BonerFart

    Spurrier was an entertaining dick. He could give it and he could take it. If you pounded his team, he would shake your hand and congratulate you, and then turn his dickishness on his own players.

    Harbaugh is a psychopathic dick. There’s no off switch. If you pound his team, he’ll follow you home and rape your pets. Harbaugh makes Saban look chill.


  10. There goes Harbaugh still pissed for not getting Nauta.


  11. Mayor

    After Saban retires and Kirby Smart takes the Bama job I hope that Georgia throws a shit ton of money in Harbaugh’s direction to get him down here.