If only American society could change as easily as college football.

Hey, everybody!  The war is over and culture won.

I guess all those Title IX folks can quit their jobs and go home now.


UPDATE:  Some of the media covering Tennessee football don’t appear to have gotten the memo on culture change.


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3 responses to “If only American society could change as easily as college football.

  1. Macallanlover

    Changing from a culture of violence in colleges, and on college campuses, is a no-brainer and it would be impossible to find any acceptable defense of opposing said changes. And while some changes to American society have been good, the more recent changes and trends….not so much. You can find instances of changes that are as simple but a complete overhaul of such a successful model would be foolish. Several of the directional changes have us headed in a dangerous direction. Fair to say, the issues are much more complex and should be examined before continued.


  2. Unless there a real penalty by the NCAA on the teams and schools with regards to these stuff, it will just be long trail tears which will repeat and continue at other schools when money and winning are the only things important. A symptom not only in sports but in the most recent socio-political wave in the current election year as exemplified by Trump in particular. Human beings never change they are just bound to repeat the same mistakes despite the what history has thought humans. I guess we’ll just have to enjoy football and wear blinders everyday.