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The Georgia Way suffers a traumatic experience.

How do you know when Butts-Mehre really, really wants you gone?

UGA also had to dip into the reserve fund to pay buyouts to football coaches totaling just over $6 million.

That’s a sentence I never thought I’d read.


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Young, inexperienced and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

You’d think Jacob Eason grabbing the starting job as a freshman is guaranteed to generate rough results, but Boise State head coach Bryan Harsin, who wound up starting a true freshman quarterback last season, says that’s not necessarily the case, because what we perceive to be a bug may turn out to be a feature.

“Sometimes having young players, or in this case a true freshman, it’s not all that bad,” Harsin said. “Young players don’t know all the bad. I don’t want to say this in a negative way, but they’re just dumb enough to find ways to win because there’s that confidence. I think we all have that instinct in things that we do.”

I think that’s coachspeak for “eh, who knows?”



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Thursday brunch buffet

A mid-day munch for you…


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The wages of amateurism

It’s remarkable the ways schools can find to enhance the academic mission.  Take Ohio State, for instance.

For the first time, Ohio State University’s athletics department will employ someone whose sole focus is on the digital side of football recruiting.

Just a few other powerhouse football programs have such a position, the school said, and the Buckeyes will soon join their ranks, citing the large influence social media has on teenage athletes…

The athletics department is searching for a director of new and creative media. The person will oversee digital communications for the school’s football recruiting department, which includes a nine-person creative team.

A nine-person creative team.  Rest assured it’s necessary.

“We don’t just add positions at Ohio State to add them,” Jarmond said. “There has to be a business reason.”

Wonder how much of a business reason there’d be if the hired help on the field were being paid.

You romantics are more adorable by the day, you know that?



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The triumphant return of a familiar meme

Here we go.

One can only hope Bradley and Herbstreit chime in.


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