Life after Jimmy

It appears that at least in one way, Mark Richt’s move to Miami is a step up.


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8 responses to “Life after Jimmy

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Good to see Coach Richt finally get hired by a university president who has no interest in using his athletic department as cover for his own transgressions.

    I wish him well.


  2. AusDawg85

    AJC Headline: Former Georgia coach gets players released on technicality


  3. Granite-Dawg

    He should have Beat Jimmy Williamson’s ass 15 years ago.


  4. I guess when you have law enforcement having to deal with things like being one of the main entry ports of illegal narcotics, they spend a little less time aggressively prosecuting things like how you leave an alley, what your middle name is, etc.


  5. DawgPhan

    At UGA they would still miss time because of the arrest, right?

    Arent the UGA penalties based around arrests and not actually being guilty.

    That was the issue with all the suspended license stuff right? ACCPD arrests for during on a suspended license, other jurisdictions would issue a ticket. The arrest triggered missing game time.

    The arrest for no middle name comes to mind.


  6. Mayor

    Everyone needs to read the article about Kirby Smart linked to the article linked in the above post by the Senator. Several of us who post on this blog have been saying for years that the INSANE drug policy Adams created for his own personal aggrandizement was hampering Georgia football recruiting. Apparently CKS and the author both think so, too.