Jim Chaney, Rorschach test

I’m starting to think Georgia’s new offensive coordinator is whatever you perceive him to be.


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  1. JarvisCrowell

    Can anyone offer some explanation as to why Chaney’s production seems to have fallen off so much in the last few years?


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I can’t tell you I know, but one reasonable idea to me is that he was coaching at Pittsburgh, Arkansas and UT. Pitt is, well, Pitt and they lost their best player early. Ark and UT have talent but not as much as they need and they both played Bama every year.

    Of course, there’s no guarantees, but my Kool-Aid seems tasty to me because 1) while CKS will wisely refrain from saying if he was his first choice, the fact is he was one of the first hires so if he wasn’t first he was pretty close to it, 2) all the coaches he has faced have been impressed (yes, I know some of that is just coaching politics, but they can also give reasons for why they praise him), and 3) Sam Pittman. I haven’t been to a G-Day since I was in school, but I’m seriously thinking about going this year. Talk me down. 🙂


    • Otto

      Agreed, look at where he was and the overall state of those programs. He is no sure thing but I like that he seems to be able to move to whatever he has the talent to do. I can see him win spread, pro style, pocket passer or dual threat. However, he has had some mediocre teams.


  3. I haven’t watched much of Chaney’s offenses other than when Arkansas or Tennessee played us. If he could make Tyler Bray a good QB, I think we’ll be OK there. The fact that the Eason family fairly quickly affirmed Jacob’s commitment reinforced that for me. I really want to see Pittman build an offensive line that will move people with or without an All-American type of tailback. Not saying I don’t want us to keep recruiting big time tailbacks, but I want to see road graders that give these running backs chances to break big ones consistently.


  4. I don’t think he had much to work with at Arkansas as far as QBs. I remember watching them play someone a couple of years ago hoping they would beat maybe mizzou? and their QB was absolutely horrible. He made Lambert look competent.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    The question is, if Chaney (or any of the assistants) doesn’t get the job done will CKS keep him on the staff long after it’s obviously not working. CMR let productive guys like BVG and Belin walk – seemingly without much of a fight. He kept underachievers like Garner and Willie far past the time they should’ve been booted. Other underachievers like Eason and Van Halanger were given positions where it was difficult to determine if they were contributing at all.

    There’s no such thing as a sure thing with hires. It’ll be interesting to see how CKS handles assistants who don’t produce.


  6. Bright Idea

    Has Chaney ever coached a unit loaded with studs like Kirby has?


  7. HVL Dawg

    I think Chaney is going to out Kiffen Lane Kiffen. White pants, dark glasses, visor, smoking hot wife.


  8. Is what you perceive him to be…. empty slate, like Obama was and Trump is.