History repeating

It sounds like Boom’s offense in Columbia is getting ready to go down the same road his offense in Gainesville took.

At Duke, co-offensive coordinator and play-caller Kurt Roper used a system which prioritized passing and made good use of the read-option. Roper wants to be up-tempo, snapping the ball with 18 or more seconds remaining on the play clock. But Muschamp wants balance, so the offense Roper runs at USC may not be exactly similar to the one he oversaw in Durham.

Muschamp says he and Roper need to be “on the same page” philosophically, which seems to indicate the Gamecocks won’t go full-on spread. But both men know the product of this relationship needs to be better than their short-lived stint at Florida in 2014.

There’s knowing and there’s doing.  Keep up the good work, Agent Muschamp.



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12 responses to “History repeating

  1. DC Weez

    Long live Boom!


  2. BarneyDawg

    Roper knew better and took the job anyway. His main previous success was running the same 4 plays over and over against us.


  3. Dolly Llama

    I swear to God I don’t see what anyone sees in Muschamp as a head coach.



    Rest asured, They will play us tough!


  5. Here’s to hoping Smart doesn’t do the same with Cheney.


  6. kckd

    It’s insanity to hire someone you don’t see eye to eye with philosophically. I don’t get it. And he’s certainly seen enough in his own past to know better. I give Kirby this much, he seemed to get a guy that does what he likes if he’s following Saban’s model.


  7. Roper is going to have diddly-squat for talent on offense in Columbia. Their QB situation is a dumpster fire compared to where we were last season. It should be fun to watch Boom’s head explode as his offense stinks and his defense can’t stop people.

    If you lose to The Citadel, you really suck.