Click bait is alive and well at the AJ-C.

I’m saving you the trouble of reading something this morning.

Kirby Smart’s best UGA blueprint may be following Jim Harbaugh’s lead” isn’t about showing that you have the biggest Johnson on Twitter.  It’s about being better on offense than Georgia was in 2015.

Awesome.  I bet that’s never even crossed Kirby’s mind.

Oh, and you’re welcome.


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7 responses to “Click bait is alive and well at the AJ-C.

  1. Bob

    How does Brandon Adams figure that last year was Jim Harbaugh’s first year at a major program?


  2. Harbaugh had no hand as yet on changing state legislation, that’s Harbaugh new step now. He won’t let anybody be better than his ass.


  3. Michael

    Sure, Kirby, improve your passing game just like Jim Harbaugh did! All you need to do is replicate the success of a coach who groomed Andrew Luck at Stanford and then managed to get high-level QB play from Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick in the NFL. No sweat!

    Leaving aside the shitty statistical analysis from that article, the better takeaway would be that a head coach has to maximize his specialty. For Harbaugh, that’s QB development and use of the tight ends in the passing game. For Smart, that would be coming up with clever defensive schemes so as to maximize talent on that side of the ball. Smart is never going to be as good as Harbaugh at grooming QBs; Harbaugh will never be as good as Smart at matching coverage schemes with pass rush concepts.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    And hire Jim Harbaugh’s special teams coach…


    • merk

      He should fire the ST coach and hire a 2nd OLine coach. I heard that’s the best way to improve on O.


      • 81Dog

        Maybe he should hire 5 OL coaches. That kind of individualized instruction has to be cutting edge, don’t you think? I wouldn’t be surprised if Fish Fry fired all but 1 defensive coach and went to this approach. He doesn’t care about D any more than he cares about special teams, he just needs one guy who can keep up with who everyone is on D and who can call a basic coverage. Maybe he will just tell them “tackle whoever ends up with the ball.” That’s known as “not overcoaching good athletes.”


  5. 69Dawg

    Having once said I would pull for the Devil himself against St. Urban, I think I might be a prophet. Harbaugh over time will give Urban another bout with fake heart failure. Notice that Urban is not exactly taunting Jim. It may take another year or two but Urban already knows that UM is going to make his life miserable. The B1G now has 3 1/2 teams so look out.