Does Kirk Herbstreit know about

It’s the makings of a banner year for the SEC.

For first time since 2011 when began tracking the arrests of pro and college coaches and athletes, the number of SEC football arrests is in single digits through the first three months of a calendar year.

If the 14 SEC schools can keep their players busy through Thursday, which is the end of the month, the league will have just seven football arrests through January, February and March.

My first thought after reading that was “there’s an”.  Yes, Virginia, there is!

My second was that’s the kind of trend that’ll put a damper on Second Chance U’s recruiting.

But it’s the historical stuff that’s the real fun.

Florida, which has won or tied for the annual SEC arrests title three times in the last five years including last season, remains the SEC all-time leader with 28.

Go Gata!

Eighteen of those arrests are came under the watch of former coach Will Muschamp, now at South Carolina, where former Gamecocks’ coach Steve Spurrier ran the second least arrested program in the league (nine arrests).

To be fair to Muschamp, he inherited a hot mess since previous coach Urban Meyer had 25 players arrested in six years.

Since was not in operation yet during Meyer’s tenure as the Gators’ warden, the official all-time individual SEC coaching arrests leader is former Georgia coach Mark Richt. The Bulldogs, second in the all-time standings at 23 thanks to the first player arrested under new coach Kirby Smart, had 22 players arrested under Richt. He has since taken his disciplinarian talents to South Beach as Miami’s new coach.

Well, we always knew those lost control memes don’t grow themselves.

Ole Miss, with 11 arrests the last two seasons, has moved into third at 22, just ahead of Texas A&M with 21, Tennessee 20, Alabama 19 and Missouri and Kentucky each with 18. LSU is next, followed by Arkansas 15, Mississippi State 14, Auburn 13, South Carolina 9 and Vanderbilt 3.

The active SEC coaching arrests leader is Alabama’s Nick Saban at 19, including a league-high 17 in the last three seasons.

Hmmm… in the SEC, maybe arrests have something in common with penalties.  Neither seems to have much correlation with wins and losses.


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13 responses to “Does Kirk Herbstreit know about

  1. Those arrests for emerging from an alley, not knowing your middle name and passing out on a toilet in an Athens bar really show a program out of control.

    If Kirby wants to kill a sacred cow related to the Georgia Way, he’ll have Morehead and McGarity have a conversation with the Barney Fifes at the ACCPD and the UGAPD.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    The accuracy of the list is suspect.

    None of the players involved in the Vanderbilt rape case are on it.


  3. Macallanlover

    Until there is information segregating violence and dangerous acts (DUI, etc) from trivial crimes I will remain totally unconcerned. To group emerging from an alley, or middle name dementia, with “time to die bitch” or rape is to either not get it, or have an agenda.

    Honestly have little concern with 98% of what UGA players have been charged with the past ten years. Given the dangerous times we live in,m it is more an indictment on how law enforcement spends their time in Athens and lack of leadership in campus administration.


  4. Uglydawg

    Only usefull in a world where all law enforcement laws, policies and forces are equal. A kid may be ignored for doing something in, say, Auburn, that he would be arrested for doing in Knoxville…nah!…make that Athens.
    It is subjective. But it is still going to be interesting to click on occasionally. Another great informational resource for GTP!


  5. 69Dawg

    Some of you criminal attorneys explain to me why most of the petty stuff isn’t dealt with by issuing a ticket. Why do they so love the perp walk?


    • I am not a lawyer–but I think Adams requested actual arrest rather than arrest by citation and the publicity that followed so that it would seem that he didn’t put up with the party school atmosphere. Who better to make an example of than the highest profile athletes on campus?


  6. Semper Fi Dawg

    just looked at the aforementioned website…I need a shower


  7. Would someone give me a lead to the middle name thing? Did jot know bout that one.