Making nice

Well, this is right neighborly.

Of course, all that may have done was give ol’ Jimmy the chance to do a little proactive sizing up of potential arrest targets.

I wonder if, while he was there, anyone gave him a player roster with everyone’s middle names on it.  Might save some time in the future.


UPDATE:  Never let it be said I don’t pay attention to my readers.

Feel free to jump in, peeps.


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37 responses to “Making nice

  1. I wonder if he realizes that he is the most hated man in Athens…and has been since Adams retired.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Jimmy was just out there checking the players’ 40 times and heights and weights, trying to set his lineups for the best potential matchups in the post-spring practice arrestin’ season.


  3. 3rdandGrantham

    Speaking of law enforcement day, according to the Columbus Ledger:

    “After a rather hard tackle by upcoming junior Lorenzo Carter, Chief Williamson ran onto the field and immediately attempted to place Carter in handcuffs. The resulting confusion among players and coaches alike caused quite a stir, with the other LEO’s becoming quite tense as they readied themselves for a potential escalation stemming from, in their view, Lorenzo’s non-compliance and resisting of arrest. Fortunately cooler heads prevailed, as Coach Smart was able to explain to Chief Williamson that this simply was a normal function of practice, with no malice or intent to injure taking place.

    After taking both a front a side picture of Lorenzo with his Smartphone, Chief Williamson allowed practice to continue but warned that any future aggression from Carter, whether on or off the football field, would result in immediate arrest. A few moments later, Carter could be seen wearing a non-contact jersey that is typically reserved for injured personnel.”


  4. JN

    The frog and the scorpion…


  5. My take on this is Kirby is telling Willy, “These are my kids now, and I do not like you to be too hard on them for non-violent stuff.


  6. Spike

    Are the alleyways covered?


  7. Hogbody Givens

    He’s got BOLO’s on the roster already.


  8. hassan

    Most coaches show “Remember the Titans” on movie night as inspiration for the team.

    Evidently, Kirby thinks it’s more visceral to reenact “The Longest Yard”.


  9. truck

    I hope all those scooters were legally parked.


  10. In Jimmy’s mind it’s Jimmy Appreciation Day


  11. engrdawg

    Good thing they are having to be bused to practice. No expired tags, parking violations, etc.


  12. Uglydawg

    Honestly, I’m glad he’s there. It can’t hurt to build a little rapport between him and the team. I wonder if this has been an annual event or if it’s something CKS has initiated? If it’s new, kudos for being pro-active.


    • Bulldog Joe

      As an opponent, Kirby understands how Georgia puts itself at an unnecessary competitive disadvantage off-the-field. It’s been a running joke among other SEC programs for a long time.

      Good non-adversarial relationships in the community are a part of this. Happy to see him addressing it.


  13. Williamson looks like he realized he left his handcuffs and one bullet in the car.


  14. DawgPhan

    they should have fired ole Jimmy after he went after the cop who was following the letter and spirit of the dont arrest people in medical emergency.

    that along should have ended his career in athens.

    the football stuff is petty in comparison.


  15. CB

    “Picturing how I’m going to having every single car towed out of the dairy science parking lot during G-Day. Every last damn one. It will be my masterpiece.”


  16. Bulldog Joe

    “He told me he didn’t think Third Eye Blind could see him there.”


  17. Dog in Fla

    “George Clooney, Al Bundy and Patton Oswalt stunt doubles rehearse sunglass practice scene.”


  18. Williamson musing, “Did I bring 76 pair of handcuffs? The extra one is for this Kirby guy”


  19. Williamson “Thinking out Loud, this Kirby guy means business” I wonder if he can legislate me out???


  20. 69Dawg

    I think the new President has probably already had a heart to heart with Williamson. The school can’t control the ACCPD but they sure as hell can control the campus cops. During Adam’s reign of terror the campus cops were just plain rude to all the alumni at football games. I watched them cause an older gentleman to have a heart attack after they confronted him about entering the parking lot too early. This petty bullcrap became the rule not the exception under Adams as he tried his best to piss off all but the most wealthy fans.


  21. Hogbody Spradlin

    You’re in control Barney!


  22. hassan

    I think what we have here, is failure to communicate.


  23. AusDawg85

    Police chief is wearing a visitor’s pass to be in the stadium. Yeah…there damn sure is a new sheriff in town. GATA Kirby.