The Open Records law and Kirby Smart’s sudden bout of modesty

Here’s a story.

Kirby Smart acknowledged Tuesday that he was indeed asked about Georgia’s Open Records laws when he visited the state capitol recently. But Georgia’s new head football coach said he “doesn’t deserve credit” for a controversial measure that slows the public’s access to athletics information.

The bill, brought up and agreed to late on the night of March 22, would allow athletics programs in the state of Georgia to wait 90 days to respond to inquiries under the Open Records Law. That has been decried by First Amendment advocates.

The chief of staff to one of the bill’s co-sponsors, State Sen. Bill Cowsert, told the Macon Telegraph that it “came to light through Kirby Smart at UGA.”

Smart was asked about that after Tuesday’s practice.

“First of all, I shouldn’t get any credit for that,” Smart said. “When I went over to the capitol I was asked what’s the difference in our program and some programs I’ve been at in the past. One of the things I brought up, there’s a difference. And that was the extent of my conversation with those guys about that.

“So for me to get the credit for that is a little bit misleading.”

“Credit”?  I’d say that word doesn’t mean what Kirby Smart thinks it means, except I think he does know.  Exactly.  Which is why he declined to elaborate further when asked.

Smart declined a follow-up question on whether he felt changing the response time from three days to 90 was something the football program needs.

“I’ll be honest with you. I want to talk about our football program, and football practice,” Smart said. “That has nothing to do with as far as our practice today. I would rather answer questions regarding that. Appreciate it.”

Kirby is far from alone in wishing to avoid taking credit.

Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity, who has declined comment on the legislation, attended Smart’s press conference on Tuesday but left as soon as it ended. It’s rare for McGarity to attend such post-practice press conferences.

UGA president Jere Morehead “did not have a role in the legislation,” according to a spokesman in the University System Office in Atlanta.

I’m having trouble adjusting to McGarity as the strong, silent type.  Maybe Mark Bradley can get him to open up.

Anyway, here’s another story.

A House amendment to Senate Bill 323 was agreed upon and passed with the underlying bill last week, a little past midnight on March 23, which will allow for state athletics departments to delay open records requests for 90 days as opposed to three, which is what the law currently states.

Smart was asked what he told legislators on his involvement on getting this amendment through the General Assembly. Smart deferred credit but did say he spoke to lawmakers as to what could be done to help improve the Georgia football program…

With his response, Smart admitted he had a private conversation on the subject with the Georgia legislature. Prior to Smart being questioned about his role with the potential new law, which has been sent to Gov. Nathan Deal’s desk for a signature, Tom Krause, the Chief of Staff of state Sen. Bill Cowsert, R-Athens, said Smart was the key influence to members of the General Assembly deciding to act.

“It’s a similar subject that, from what I understand, came to light through Kirby Smart at UGA,” Krause said. “It had to do with football teams or athletic departments that are recruiting people in state of Georgia. They had a (shorter) window where the documents were not yet public, but other states had 90 days.”

So, ultimately, here’s what you’re being asked to swallow here:

  1. In the midst of recruiting, organizing the program and his very first spring practice preparation, Kirby Smart somehow found the time to show up for a friendly chat with the folks in the Georgia General Assembly.
  2. In the midst of a typically contentious session, members of the Georgia General Assembly found the time to ask what could be done to help the Georgia football program.
  3. Kirby Smart casually mentioned that Nick Saban has an easier time of responding to open records requests but didn’t make a big deal of it, even though he’s described as “the key influence to members of the General Assembly deciding to act”.
  4. Just as casually, Georgia legislators tacked an amendment on to an existing bill that gives Butts-Mehre unprecedented scope in responding to open records requests in the future.
  5. Even though the bill’s scope clearly exceeds the stated nonsensical goal of protecting recruiting secrets, neither Georgia’s athletic director nor its president had anything to do with it.

I’ll buy number two on that list, but the rest requires a leap of faith I’m not capable of taking.  Before Kirby Smart ever showed up to glad hand, or whatever you want to call it, somebody laid the groundwork and found a representative or two willing to carry the athletic department’s water.  Somebody told Kirby Smart what he could expect on his visit.  And whoever that somebody is was shrewd enough to hide the proposal behind Kirby Smart’s honeymoon and the annoying fanboy concern about Georgia’s recruiting against Smart’s old boss.

That’s some effective lobbying there.  So why not step up and take credit for it, especially since Kirby sounds like he’s more than willing to share?  You don’t have to be so modest, mystery man.  If it’s all about recruiting, what citizen of this great state could possibly object, right?


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88 responses to “The Open Records law and Kirby Smart’s sudden bout of modesty

  1. I guess I don’t understand all the hubbub about this law. UGA still has to release records if asked, it just may take longer to do so. I say “may” because it is quite possible that they won’t take the entire 90 days to comply despite what some would have you believe.

    And, the only people I see talking about this issue are the media types. If you ask the average (or even above average) UGA fan about this issue they will have no idea what you are talking about.

    I dunno… I guess I just don’t see the hot button issue here. Perhaps when something happens and we are starving for information out of B-M about it but are forced to have to wait 90 days to get it, I will. I guess I’ll reserve my judgement for the law until we have some proof one way or the other.


    • I say “may” because it is quite possible that they won’t take the entire 90 days to comply despite what some would have you believe.

      It’s a nice theory, anyway.


    • Gaskilldawg

      I am bothered by legislators asking Smart what the legislature can do to help UGA win football games.


    • CapInsider

      It is a huge deal from a policy and access standpoint. Currently, any state entity has 3 days to respond. Not produce, just respond. There’s no time limit to actually produce records in state law, state entities just have to respond in 3 days, provide an expected timeline and cost. They can claim however long they want to actually fulfill the request. Now, UGAAA has 90 days to even just respond to a request. They don’t even have to necessarily fulfill it in 90 days, they can take 90 days to acknowledge and communicate on the request.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    We Run This State. 😉


  3. The Chairman Mow

    “It is never in the interest of my clients that my name be in the news” – Smart Lobbyist (no pun intended)


  4. Walt

    If Mark Right were still coach, he’d give them the records before they even requested them.

    Seriously, looks like Kirby is going to run more of a Saban-type win at all costs program. Be careful what you wish for, I guess. Sometimes you really don’t want to know how that sausage was made.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Who knows? Maybe you can get Governor Deal to veto it. 😉


  6. Bright Idea

    Lots to fear with this but the fact our politicians really believe they can help UGA win games with this exception shows how arrogant they are, and stupid.


  7. Uglydawg

    Why would there even be “closed” records at any public institution, excepting security concerns and matters and maybe personal files and records . Other than that? There may be a very obvious answer to my Q, but as a layperson, I don’t see it. If you’re withholding something, your probably hiding something.
    One possible motive for wanting a ninety day delay could be to avoid the trauma and energy expended during a very busy and critical time (for instance, the week before a National Championship game..or during the peak of a huge recruiting period.-.not that a “newspaper” would ever seek to embarrass Georgia during such a time.) The grace period would be insurance against the distraction a request might cause without letting the
    school off the hook.
    Still, to grant it to one dept. of one institution doesn’t sound like “Equal Protection Under the Law” to me.


    • Debby Balcer

      Agree 100% except the person who is responding to the open records request is not a coach. It makes the program look like we are going to be hiding things. Transparency in governmenwt is crucial. This makes me feel like we are going alul in like Auburn.


  8. Athens Dog

    Senator, I’m intrigued as you are as to “who laid the groundwork?”

    I don’t see BM being proactive like that………Bill is a Bulldog. I wonder if he did it on his own and get KS to seal the deal? Interesting to say the least.

    And again, anytime government is not an open book is a bad thing in my opinion.


  9. JoeHTH

    Oh look, the Mark Richt fans are piling on Kirby Smart again. Gee, I wonder why. You people don’t even deserve to be called UGA fans. You might as well go be Miami fans.

    I don’t want to see any of you douche bags supporting Smart if he starts winning big.


    • Dude, you’re as obsessed about Richt as the people you’re railing about.

      Not to mention you’ve missed the point to my post.


      • JarvisCrowell

        Honestly this is a dumb non-issue senator. This is a college athletic department not the gov’t so it really doesn’t matter. You and media members are trying to act like the state is building a secret police / guantanamo bay, but really it’s just screwing over asshole journalists that like to undermine the program anyway. This isn’t the supreme court it’s a football program so I don’t care if they’re allowed to have extra time to reply to records requests, and no one else should either. If the state govt tries to implement a rule like this for themselves, then I’ll be up in arms, but that is not the case. Honestly I love watching these sports writers pitch a fit, it’s awesome to watch those jerks get screwed over. Looking forward to your snarky response ; )


        • I don’t have a snarky response for you, but consider this: if this is such a great thing, why the need to sneak it through the legislature? And why doesn’t Smart, McGarity or whomever step forward and claim to be the one who pushed for it?

          By the way, last time I checked, UGA is a public school, so it’s part of state government.


          • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

            It got attached to another bill. That could suggest ‘sneak it through’ I will grant you that, but in this case, I don’t think anyone thought of it until CKS showed up at the legislature and it came up. Then, it became more of a ‘how can we get this done this year?’ sort of thing. Apparently, it was agreeable enough to both houses that it sailed through. I’m not thinking sneak is the apt term. More like last-minute-afterthought.


          • Derek

            You probably read that in a “book”. I don’t trust “books” or “facts”, I trust my gut. And my gut says that the athletic department is not government just like the military or Clarke Central high ain’t.

            The government has 3 branches of government and not one of them is football or tanks or mathematics.

            Now you may come back and say that those are all part of the executive branch, but those are “facts.” Can’t trust them.

            Btw: jarvis’ post is the most hateful thing to ever appear on the Internet. Ever. As usual he’s ruined everything. This blog. My day. Literally everything. I’m not sure that I can cast my eyes upon this blog ever again. It’s just too painful. I’m literally sobbing as I type this. I feel like the guy reporting the Hindenburg crash. Oh the humanity!!!! You shouldn’t allow a forum for rhetoric that hurts my fee fees like that. Can’t you set up a filter so that I only read the things that I agree with?


            • Don in Mar-a-Lago

              “Btw: jarvis’ post is the most hateful thing to ever appear on the Internet. Ever. As usual he’s ruined everything. This blog. My day. Literally everything. I’m not sure that I can cast my eyes upon this blog ever again. It’s just too painful.”



            • Dog in Fla

              “I’m literally sobbing as I type this.”


    • PTC DAWG

      That is what it seems like to me also. But that theme has been pretty consistent around these parts since CMR has been let go.


    • Gravidy

      As I’ve always said, the most persuasive sports blog arguments are those which question the fandom of total strangers.


    • Derek

      FWIW some of us think that winning is only part of the equation. We all want to win. Are we all willing to do anything to win? No we all aren’t. Do we all want to trade our souls for trophies? No we all don’t. That doesn’t make us CMR only fans. The starting QB in my first game at Sanford was Jeff Pyburn. I was a fan long before CMR and hope to be one long after. As an alum, the reputation of the school is important to me and more important than any trophies.

      I love Georgia football and I want to win every game, but I also want to be proud of the way we do it. I’m not going to apologize to you or anyone else for having standards beyond w-l records. I think any other attitude should turn its attention to the NFL where it belongs.

      My support or lack thereof of Kirby will transcend w-l records. I plan on being there on the 16th to help do my small part to get to 93k. I have not a clue whether Miami has or doesn’t have a spring game or when it is because I couldn’t care less about Miami or what happens there.


      • sUGArdaddy

        I agree with you Derek, and as a fellow alum and longtime fan I do care about more than winning. I’d have felt sick w/ a kid like Newton or Manziel leading our team.

        However, our University made a shift, and the shift was very clear: We need to win more than 10 games a year. 10 isn’t good enough. The highest moral character and 10 wins will get you fired in Athens. Now, whether that’s right, wrong or even totally true is irrelevant. What matters is this is the world Kirby Smart was hired into.

        We have beaten Auburn 8 of 10 times. We beat Tech 13 of 15. We’ve beaten South Carolina 2 of 3 and we’ve beaten Tennessee 5 of 6. Heck, we’ve even beaten Florida 3 of 5 (2 recent blowouts notwithstanding). We have won the East more than any other team in the last 5 years. UT hasn’t won it since the Bush administration. We ran the cleanest program on planet earth and practically indicted ourselves every time the NCAA came calling. And we fired that coach and said it wasn’t good enough. So, when we did that, fans HAD to know that meant something.

        So, Kirby has to believe he has to get to 11 or 12 regularly. And what if he believes he can’t do it the way we do it. It’s not the you and I are okay with 10 wins and the highest standards. It’s that THAT wasn’t good enough for UGA. Whether it was the lunatic fringe or what, I don’t know, but it happened.

        I don’t think we looked around for a clone of Mark Richt to win a game or two more here and there. I think we asked, “What do we have to do to get in that playoff regularly?” What do we have to do win and win a lot? Not once. A lot. So, we are trying to morph the Georgia Way and the Process. Some of us won’t be comfortable with it, but we jumped the shark the Sunday after the Tech game. I’ll be up in arms if we break rules or become morally reprehensible, but I just see these moves (transfers, 90-day FOIA, etc.) as examples of putting us on the same field as others. Maybe we should have given Mark Richt that chance. He might have done fine. But he didn’t push it for whatever reason. Kirby is. And Richt had to live with his results and Kirby will have to live with his.


        • Dog in Fla

          “So, we are trying to morph the Georgia Way and the Process ”

          An experiment like Coke® & Mentos® – Exploring Explosive Chemistry!


        • Derek

          I have a feeling that there was more to it. I think that whatever was going on with Jeremy played a bigger part than we know. I’d buy that it was all about wins and losses if we hadn’t won the last four. It’s seems to me that the decision was made knowing 10-3 was a real possibility. I think that it came down to Greg or CMR and CMR lost. I’m willing to wager that CMR sticking with Pruitt was the final straw. I also wouldn’t be surprised if some of the “off the record” back channel stuff about Jeremy might not be a little overdone to make Greg look more reasonable. At the end of the day Jeremy’s IPF rant may have sealed his and CMR’s fate and was at least the beginning of the end. Of course winning would have solved CMR’s problem and it may have bought him a new ad. To have been a fly on the wall….

          The positive in all of that if there is one is that Greg wasn’t coming to Kirby as desperate as Mal Moore was when he approached saban. I don’t think anybody understands how Alabama’s five game losing streak to auburn played into the amount of control and autonomy that saban got. We weren’t nearly as desperate and hopefully we’ve given Kirby some reasonable boundaries where saban was given none.


      • Cosmic Dawg



    • Debby Balcer

      Mark Richt is not the reason for my support of the DAWGS.. He shared my values but when we hired Kirby I did not expect us to need to lose our values to win. This is bigger than football. Your “if you don’t embrace everything Kirby is doing than you must be a Richt only fan” attitude is stupid. Some of you are worshipping Kirby before he has even won one game. This action is hiding information is only needed if you intend to have things to hide. The media is not our enemy.


    • Aladawg

      You are a sad individual, indeed, railing about Mark Richt when most are more concerned about what other shady things our government and public institutions will be hiding from us even though we taxpayers are the ones who are supporting their ability to operate……………….duh…………you need to go jump off the platform with our past coach.


  10. sUGArdaddy

    I gotta tell you, I tire of this incessant drum banging. We’re not doing anything outside the rules. There’s nothing ‘morally’ superior about a 3-day window than a 90-day window. What it can save is a kid from embarrassment while we help him deal with a mistake. And I think it’s just poor form to always be seeking records for what people are making.

    We won the Moral High-Horse Bowl for 15 years. It was a great run. I loved CMR and always will. Some of my best memories as a dawg. But I didn’t feel better because we held up some kind of magical moral standard. I mean, are we supposed to say, “Well, they’re not cheating, but they don’t play as nice as us, so we feel better about ourselves.” Auburn cheats. MSU cheats. Ole Miss cheats. We don’t have to cheat and won’t. But, why we wouldn’t want to do all we can help the program is beyond me.

    Kirby knows how to build a champion. We’re paying him a lot of money to do so. And it’s obvious we’ve placed trust in him. And we had to, because we fired the nice guy for going 10-3 the last 2 years. I repeat: we set the standard that 10-3 and nice isn’t good enough. I’d have been okay w/ Richt staying, but I’m okay with him leaving, and there’s no going back.

    We ushered in a new era when we hired Kirby, and I say let’s go for it. When we are on the other side of a four TD win in Jax or beating the Gators 6 years in a row, I won’t be saying, “Yeah, but I don’t feel as good about it because of that 90-day window thing. I really ought to be more like 3-days.” Why are we so afraid to be great? Why are we so afraid to do whatever we can within the rules to win? And we can push the edges without going morally bankrupt. We’re a weird fan base. We want a change in results without changing the means to get there, and it never seems to cross our minds that changing the means to get there might be the only way to change the results.

    And as for the fans losing out: have you ever heard of a Bama or Auburn fan say, “You know, we just don’t get as good a coverage of our team over here as they do in Athens because we’ve got this 90-day wait period on FOI requests.”

    -Why do we need everyone to know if we’re under investigation for something and trying to handle it internally with the NCAA?
    -Why do we need to know about the discipline of a kid and his mistake that is happening internally or with suspension?
    -Why are we so enamored with coaches’ salaries and having to get that info immediately?
    -Why do we need to know what we’re spending on what right now?

    The ONLY reason the AJC is doing this is that they’re digging. They’re digging for a story and not a positive one. They’re digging for a headline and page clicks because it’s all that makes them money. We want to make it harder for them to dig.

    My two cents. I want us to do things right. I just think we created some kind of imaginary line of what ‘right’ is that made us feel better about not being on top.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m totally against the 90 day change. But there’s a$$holes on both sides here. Yes, there’s abuse of the law regarding public access. But there’s also abuse of the press by the ajc.

    This is a direct response to the ajc and their band of jerk reporters. The ajc takes any issue regarding the Dawgs, twists information into a negative context, and blows it out of proportion. The ajc objective isn’t to “inform” the public, it’s to generate internet traffic and their income.

    I greatly appreciate a free press. At the same time, I oppose media which has an agenda other than presenting the facts and allowing readers to reach their own conclusions.


    • sniffer

      I oppose media which has an agenda other than presenting the facts and allowing readers to reach their own conclusions.

      The media you are wanting doesn’t exist. Never has. I understand your sentiment, but it’s fantasy.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        There’s healthy cynicism on one end of the scale, and there’s giving up and claiming everything is fantasy on the other end. I’d argue there are plenty of media outlets that shoot for and achieve a high standard, if one bothers to look for them. I’d cite brother Bluto’s blog as being very informative in it’s subject matter.


  12. 90 days is a long damn time. If a change was needed (a point of debate that didn’t take place), 7 days to respond & 30 days to produce would have been a sufficient change as that should be the absolute maximum it should take barring an outrageous scope of request. But 90 days is just crazy. It is the result of an organization that has recently come to understand its true power exerting its influence over local fanboys.

    Kirby may not have asked for this specifically, but he has obviously made it known to McGarity and the powers that be that the athletic department is one of the most powerful organizations in the state… a lesson learned from Saban. Gordon Gee famously (infamously?) understood this very well at Ohio State, and I think McGarity has already grasped the power and influence the department really has. Kirby gets the credit for that awareness whether he wants it or not.

    Most Georgia residents cannot name five state legislators, but I bet they can tell you the entire starting lineup for the 2015 football team and who projects to start in 2016. If the state legislators really wanted to be taken seriously (which is obviously in doubt), they should have squashed this… if for no other reason to win the pissing match.


  13. TnDawg

    Hell, fire Smart and start over!


    • Then Bradley and his media groupies will say, “I told you so, these Dawg fans have no idea how great Smart could have been”.

      Media types need talking points, if they write stuff that are no based on open records they accused of exaggeration like ESPN talkers.

      GA media should be happy, Kirby has not open up his inner or in the closet Urban Meyer yet. They may find themselves banned from covering the team . LOL.


      • TnDawg

        What I been sayin all along. The sunshine law is a bill for the media.
        I was also being facetious. Very tired of this BS, but the MEDIA will not let it die.


  14. Tim

    W Cobb Dawg you sir are spot on! And while we are on this subject lets go back to the Turman transfer. Does anyone on here think for one sec that the AJC won’t twist the facts(or the truth) to push their agenda


  15. 69Dawg

    My roommate at UGA was in the J school so even though I was an accounting student I would hang around the J school. The J school was a real journalism school back in the 60’s so they actually taught the “who, what , where and when” of reporting. They made a real effort to teach the kids to do unbiased reporting. Now the J school has added “and Mass Communication” to the name. All bets are off. Sports writers are jocks or jock sniffers that found a way to spent their lives around the sports they loved. Good for them but their job just got exceptionally harder at UGA. Nick Jr. has just begun to warm up section 37F for the media guys. We won’t hear from the assistant coaches during the year except on rare occasions. CMR let them talk, even when he should not have. The players they will get access to will be seniors and they will be coached in handling the media. It’s a new day and a new sheriff in town and the media guys are a bunch of whinny guys that will pout. Screw the AJC they have always been the enemy and will remain the enemy so we lose nothing pissing them off.


  16. Do people not understand that UGA is part of state government, that they work for us, that we as citizens have a right to know what goes on there and how they spend our money? Government works better (or at least less corruptly) in the light of day. 90 days is a ridiculously long time to supply requested information. There is a reason why this bill was snuck in at the last minute. The General Assembly knew it was shady. It wasn’t given a proper vetting or discussion. When people seek a way to hide something, it is generally because they have something to hide.


  17. Bulldog Joe

    Weaning the fans off the Georgia Way kool-aid is going to take more time than anticipated.


  18. T-Dog

    I don’t understand why all the fuss about CKS or BM. The Georgia Legislature passed this revision in the open records law; not UGA. If someone wants to vent, then do so on a political blog or in the voting booth.


  19. Russ

    I just want to eat the sausage. I really don’t want to see how it’s made.


  20. Jared S.

    What on earth will we do if Kirby goes 49-16 over his first five seasons and doesn’t win an SECCG? I think the universe (and university) may explode.


    • Derek

      The explosion will come IF a few years goes by and CMR is still the only UGA coach to have won an SEC East championship. I don’t think that will happen, but if it did….

      It would also be a very good thing for Kirby if our lifetime record vs. Notre Dame is 3-0 in 2018. If it’s 1-2, there will be some pissed off Bulldogs.


  21. Hogbody Spradlin

    With tongue in cheek, I think Kirby is gonna be the stud at coaches conventions this summer. Nobody, not Bear, Knute, Joe Pa, Corch, or much less Harbaugh, got the state legislature to pass a law for them like this. And in his first 4 months on the job. Wow!


  22. TnDawg

    What have we learned, outside of sports, through this law? Asked this question in another thread and got no answer. How has this law positively impacted the great mass of people known as the electorate? Ourside of sports. What can’t wait 87 days longer related to sports?
    The whole damn thing is BS and made for the media so they can NAIL politicians. I know the intent, but that aint the reality.


  23. TnDawg

    Outside of sports. Think Butch Jones is a HC somewhere.


  24. Chadwick

    I’m amazed that anyone would endorse less transparency. Damn, we’ll give up our rights in a freaking blink. How long do y’all think it’ll take for more things, outside of sports, that our legislators will attempt to sand-bag? Not long is my guess.


  25. TnDawg

    What did I miss. Was the law repealed? An 87 day delay. Of course, for those of you that are into instant gratification and think the media is there for you, I guess it might as well be repealed.


    • I get it. You’re convinced.

      Which is different from being convincing.


      • TnDawg

        I get it as well. All arguments are as if this thing has been repealed. Not one example of a non sports issue. Not one reason why 87 days is the same as repealing the law. Not one reason why waiting 87 days is not acceptable, except that the media want get the scoops. Big deal!
        Not trying to convince. Don’t have the skills. Or the patience to deal with those that have their minds made up.


  26. Hardcoredawg 93

    We finally have a coach leading us that has a vision on winning big. This program needed a big ‘ol swift kick in the ass and it’s being delivered. Why is anyone here even seriously concerning themselves with this?


    • You’re expressing the reason they packaged the bill they way they did.


      • Argondawg

        The Knoxville police have a liaison for the football program? The chief of police spoke with Bootch 4 times the day the alleged assault was reported? if I am the victim that concerns the hell out of me. Sorry my train derailed for a minute. All that matters is winning football games!!! Now I am back on track.


  27. TN Dawg

    What will the legal change do to the blogosphere?

    Well, previously, bloggers only had to wait 4 days after a GORA request to post snarky comments that accompanied a news link.

    Now that process will require 91 days.


  28. Eldawg

    This is great. All you so called conservative Dawg fans being riled up because the liberal media is no longer able to get FIOA requests fulfilled immediately. Have you ever thought about what a pain in the arse it could be to UGA staff to process dozens of media requests on some meaningless crap issue in that time frame?

    Question for the Counselor, what is “reasonable” under the law? Is it reasonable that Alabama has no specific time limit in their statute?