“I just realized Coach Chaney, he’s a very smart guy…”

I’ll be the first to say that anything has to be an improvement over the mess that was Georgia’ offense over the second half of last season, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see this quote and react with a certain amount of trepidation.

The first few weeks of spring practice are the most critical for offense installation, which Smart said is now finished. While sophomore tailback Sony Michel said that there were aspects of previous offenses that he can bring to Chaney’s offense, he added that it’s the most complex of the three offenses he has dealt with in his three-year career.[Emphasis added.]

“It’s almost like classwork,” Michel said. “You’ve got to actually sit down and study (the playbook). Some of the past playbooks, it was kind of easier that you could kind of put things together, but this playbook, you’ve got to actually study it and dissect it a little bit.”

Oh, Gawd.  I hope we’re not continuing to look back fondly on Mike Bobo’s box of crayons a year from now.


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29 responses to ““I just realized Coach Chaney, he’s a very smart guy…”

  1. JasonC

    Grantham winks and smirks


  2. BigD

    How’d that “complexity” work out on Defense under Grantham?…


  3. James Stephenson

    Of course we are going to still miss Bobo. We deserve it with the stupid amount of criticism he got over this time here.


  4. A certain amount of trepidation?? The season is over already


  5. Bulldog Joe

    The fact the installation is finished tells me it is not Grantham-level complex.

    And don’t get me started about last year’s offense…


  6. Noonan

    Maybe last year’s offense was very complex, but nobody realized it because they didn’t study the playbook.


    • Bulldog Joe

      It took GL only four weeks to learn it well enough to be the starter, so I doubt it was complex.

      The first time we saw some creativity in the offense was after the Florida game, when Coach Richt got more involved.


  7. merk

    Clearly easy does not mean good, otherwise our O last year could not have been as bad as it was.


    • Argondawg

      Exactly. If it was so easy to learn why did we look like shite a great deal of the time? If it was easy to learn it might be easier to defend. This is a young team and Chaney will find a way to move the sticks. He has as much or more talent here as he has had anywhere and more on the way. At least I feel like he will be flexible and not trying to force a system that doesn’t fit our strengths.


  8. old dog

    hmmm…this new offense will probably have a lot in common with the old wishbone offense…you remember, it don’t always score when you wish it would… 😉


  9. Russ

    Man, I hope we’re not looking at Muschamp 2.0.


  10. Normaltown Mike


    I met a couple Arkansas guys last week and asked about Chaney and Pittman. They looked at each and smirked and said (basically) Pittman is awesome and will be missed and Chaney “out thinks himself” on occasion.


    • CaliDawg

      I keep hearing the same thing. Is there an OC that doesn’t out think himself (on occasion) though?


      • Bobby

        Like calling a play action boot instead of giving the ball to Gurley when you have four downs and 5 yards to score a TD.


  11. JarvisCrowell

    This makes me nervous as well, however I do feel a little better knowing that complex schemes seem to fare better offensively than defensively. I don’t think failures of knowing assignment during the game would be as devastating as if they were on defense. Altogether, Granthams complex scheme didn’t work out that well, and Shotty’s simplified scheme didn’t work either. Makes me think that the individual coach might be a bigger factor than the complexity of the offense/defense


  12. At least Kirby is not straying too far from the standard script about new hires. Just like last year during the spring and summer workouts re. Schotty.


  13. W Cobb Dawg

    Said it before and I’ll say it again. Lombardi had 4 plays. And that was with an offensive makeup essentially the same as ours. The Packers ran those plays precisely and effectively. We’d be wise to follow that example.


  14. AusDawg85

    Drinking game for G-Day…every time an O player flaps his arms pre-snap. Bonus shot for the return of towel boy.


  15. S

    Just chill. If Chaney could get a mental midget with attitude like Tyler f’in Bray to be extremely productive, he’ll be fine with us.


  16. DawgByte

    When everyone in Sanford Stadium was accurately screaming out the next Mike Bobo play in unison you knew there’s a problem. I wouldn’t drop the Alka Seltzer into the water just yet!!!


    • S

      I always thought that was exaggerated. I heard a lot of people screaming predictions for 40-50 plays, and they’d get 2-3 right and maintain that they’d predicted the whole game.

      Just FYI, this comment isn’t directed at you specifically, DawgByte: whether Bobo was predictable, or whether he was a genius, really has no bearing on Chaney. I still think that if he made Crompton into a marginal QB, he’s going to do just fine with ours. And although all those bootlegs are a terrible memory, at least it drives the point in that Chaney does something I always want offensive coordinators to do: if a particular play works, run it until the defense stops it.


      • JJ

        It probably is exaggerated but the timing of Bobo’s brain farts just seemed to be very inopportune (repeatedly running it up the middle in loss to Clemson, the infamous non-Gurley at the USC goal line, arguably the end of the 2012 SECC (although I actually don’t think that was that bad a call, just a high profile miss), etc) and symbolic of Georgia football as a whole – pretty darn good a lot of the time but not showing up in some big moments.