Smart-hired, SOD-approved

You will be relieved to know that Derek Dooley gives two thumbs up to the hires of Chaney and Pittman.  With that comes a warning:

As has been well documented, Dooley was fired as the Vols’ head coach at the end of that season. But it had nothing to do with his teams’ offensive performances.

“Kirby’s pretty smart; he’s seen what’s happened to Will (Muschamp) and me,” Dooley said with a laugh. “He knows you don’t have much time. Even though it takes time to establish your program, nobody wants to hear that. They don’t care what the state of your program is.”

No doubt Kirby’s already figured out it’s not a good idea to make student-athletes’ shower hygiene a matter for public discussion.  The sky’s the limit!



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23 responses to “Smart-hired, SOD-approved

  1. Charlottedawg

    Biggest fear is that Smart and Chaney => ‘champ and Charlie 2.0.


  2. DavetheDawg

    Can’t believe SOD didn’t caution against running the 4-3-6 defense…


  3. Spike

    Or orange pants.. Hope Barbara doesn’t read any of this..


  4. JCDAWG83

    We’ll see.


  5. Skeptic Dawg

    What? This article has no mention of the FOIA. I assume that there will be an update coming soon that explains how the FOIA allowed this breaking news was delivered in such a timely manner. Thank goodness this bill has not passed yet, otherwise this news would not be available for 90 days!


    • You’re unhappy, too, I take it. I’d refund your subscription fee, but I’m afraid I’ve already spent it.

      How ’bout I quit blogging for a week and we call it even?

      Really, the whining from some of you over a topic nobody’s making you read about is something else.


      • MLB2

        30 million hits speaks for itself. Keep doing what you do.


      • Skeptic Daw

        Senator, I appreciate the vast majority of your posts and certainly all of your time and effort spent researching and delivering Dawg Nation insightful articles. However, I believe that the whining is coming from your end with the never ending FOIA posts. It is was it brother. Kirby deems it so. This act is merely an attempt to insulate the UGA football program and an attempt to protect itself. You yourself have posted articles about McGarity’s PR blunders. Is this not an attempt to prevent just such blunders in the future by providing the Georgia athletic department more time to respond? The Georgia state governing body is not attempting to cover up slush funds nor secretly push through private surveillance technology into our homes under the blind eye of the AJC or Macon Telegraph. At present time no one is authorizing the GBI to attack Hahira nor is anyone reforming the special police unit Red Dog without the knowledge of the press. So let’s move on to matters pertaining to Georgia football and our new head coach…I certainly have. It is your house though…I am merely a guest.


        • Is this not an attempt to prevent just such blunders in the future by providing the Georgia athletic department more time to respond?

          It’s not. Besides, if that’s all anyone’s worried about, why not just fire McGarity and be done with it?

          Congrats about you moving on. Perhaps you could start your own blog and lead the way for the rest of us benighted souls.

          If you like what I write, I’m afraid you’ll have to take the good with the bad. It’s not like I’m stopping you from whining, Skeptic. Or even asking you to quit.


        • Rebar

          “So let’s move on to matters pertaining to Georgia football and our new head coach…I certainly have. It is your house though…I am merely a guest.”

          Everything the Senator writes about pertains to Georgia football; the new head coach has been mentioned in every post the Senator has mentioned on this particular topic. Quit acting like we can’t critique the new coach and his tactics.


        • The FOIA changes and the AD’s PR blunders are mutually exclusive. His mishandling of Gurley and the stupid interview with Bradley weren’t in response to any requests for documents. They were just ham-handed approaches to trying to show everyone who was the boss.


      • PTC DAWG

        I always enjoy your blog, that us for sure. IF we all agreed on everything, all the time, what a boring world we would live in.


        • I don’t have any problem with people disagreeing with me. It’s part of what makes this blog fun.

          It does bug me, though, to hear people tell me what I should and shouldn’t write about.


    • Mike Cooley



  6. Ben

    The UGA program isn’t in terrible shape, not like UT or UF was when those guys got there or even as bad as UGA was when Richt arrived. Sure, they’ve underachieved based upon the fans wildly inflated sense of UGA’s place in the history of college football, and we may lack some depth, but it’s not nearly as bad as those two programs were or even as bad as Bama was when Saban got there.

    If Smart is really as bright as he seems to think he is, he’ll do what he can with what he’s got while shaping the program into his own. Muschamp tried to do a full overhaul by moving a spread-oriented team to a power football team; wasn’t going to work. Dooley just wasn’t very good at all. We’ll know pretty quickly what kind of program we’ve got under Smart; in my mind, he doesn’t get the honeymoon other coaches have gotten because he’s taken over a program that wasn’t already in shambles.


    • Jared S.

      Some good points. I for one think that Smart is waaaaaaay smarter than BOOM. And call me a Kool-Aid-Drinker, but I happen to think that Smart is going to put together a team that is incredibly talented and disciplined. And I think he’ll be competing at the highest level (read SECCG) no later than year three. I love Richt, and I didn’t want to see him go, but back in November I thought Smart was the best available replacement, and I still do.


    • Argondawg

      I think Muschamp and Dooley were in completely different situations. Muschamp had talent and can recruit well. Dooley was lacking talent, especially on D but his recruiting was weak. UF just has geographical advantages on UT. Kirby has more talent close by and gets an SEC east that is as weak as it has ever been. We can win the east and still not be one of the three best teams in the conference. I think we win the east this year not because we are great but because our schedule is ripe. If he does that he has 4 more years unless the wheels completely fall aka Agent Muschamp.


  7. Bright Idea

    I thought it went into shambles when the Taxslayer Bowl horn sounded.


  8. 3rdandGrantham

    Man that Derek Dooley guy was a goofball. During PC’s, he’d go off on wild tangents, and start talking about all sorts of crazy subjects like, say, WWII and Rommel, with all sorts of wild hand motions to boot.

    He had such a lack of self-awareness that he thought that the reporters were laughing with him, instead of at him.


  9. kckd

    Kirby enters a much better situation than either of those and has been much smarter with his hires than Muschamp.


  10. Hogbody Atlas

    I like having a coupla fat guy coaches. All these specimens make me think they have muscles between the ears.