Reconstruction on defense

One other thing of interest from that DawgNation piece about Keldrick Carper:

“The first thing that Coach Smart asked me when we sat down in his office he was like ‘OK, Keldrick, receiver or DB? No, none of that I don’t care or whatever or none of that I don’t know. Receiver? Or DB?’ I told him defensive back and he was like, ‘That’s fine.’”

Smart’s next question wasn’t safety or cornerback. Carper’s answer was a pretty clear tell about the future of the secondary at UGA.

“He said he just wants guys who are athletic and long cornerbacks,” Smart said. “What they do is what they did at Bama. He told me they used nothing but cornerbacks and they used no real true safeties. They put corners at safety because they need 4-5 people on the field who can cover. He said he wasn’t that particular on a position. As long as I can cover and come down and hit and catch interceptions then he told me that I would love playing in their defense.”  [Emphasis added.]

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise.  It’s what he gravitated to at Alabama as a way to counter Alabama’s vulnerability to the spread (not to mention going into last season ‘Bama lost three safeties from their 2014 team).  You can get a better sense of this from reading this 2015 preview of the Tide secondary.

Dominick Sanders sounds tailor-made for that approach.  Who makes the best fit for the other safety slot and the star position?


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6 responses to “Reconstruction on defense

  1. I love Malkom Parrish in this new approach in the secondary. I want to see Rashad Roundtree at the safety. Long term, Chad Clay may be an excellent option at star.


  2. siskey

    I agree that it is likely Parrish who best fits as the other safety. But Mauger and Davis could also play back there IF Hardman can step in at the boundary corner. I am sure that we will see almost as much experimentation back there as we have seen the past two years.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    We have a lot of guys who can do this. Dominick Sanders and Quincy Mauger immediately come to mind.

    Also, we are as deep at CB as I can remember. The new staff is going to enjoy working with these guys. Plus, we return two coaches on the front seven so I anticipate the defense will be able to communicate and pick things up quickly.

    They didn’t face many mobile QBs last year, so it will be a great opportunity learn. I just don’t know who we have on offense who can simulate it full speed.


  4. lakedawg

    Thought Malkolm was best tackler on entire team last year.