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BREAKING: Dawg Porn!

Per Dawgs247“Georgia’s first scrimmage of the Kirby Smart era is in the books and according to the buzz surrounding it, freshman quarterback Jacob Eason turned some heads with his performance.”

Buzz!  Turned some heads!

Cold shower time, people.


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Take this part of the job and shove it.

You may have missed this news in the heat of the debate over the political stuff affecting Georgia athletics, but it may be another sign that Kirby Smart vs. The Georgia Way is a battle that the new head coach is winning in more ways than one.

Kirby Smart will have a scaled back UGA speaking tour from what Mark Richt did in recent spring stops.

Smart is expected to appear at just three fan events…

Richt appeared at seven UGA Day events last year and at 10 of 12 in 2014.

I guess Kirby doesn’t have time for that shit.  Nor is McGarity, as he did with Richt, making Smart find time for it.

If you’ll recall, for all the highfalutin’ talk about how when McGarity took the AD job his intent was to allow Richt to focus on his core job responsibilities, the language in Richt’s contract was quite different.

It’s Richt’s job to maximize that revenue. His contract specifies that he “take any and all reasonable actions … to generate substantial net revenue for the Association and University,” an unusual clause for coaching contracts.

“It’s just stating the obvious,” McGarity says.

Richt’s contractual duties also include soliciting sponsors for marketing opportunities and helping to find donors for scholarship endowments…

… Richt’s contract is unusually specific about his media and other public relations duties, including no fewer than 12 appearances at Bulldog Club meetings throughout the Southeast and no fewer than two full days each year assisting the school’s president in fundraising activities. Parameters for his radio and TV appearances are spelled out in detail in his nearly 40-page contract and in greater detail in a 191-page multimedia and marketing rights licensing agreement that the contract specifies be provided to him.

Richt would never criticize that as bullshit, but it’s telling that at his new gig even he’s utilizing his time in other ways than was the case under McGarity.

Richt himself is doing extra work this spring thanks to his decision to wear multiple hats in the new job. Thomas Brown, a former Georgia running back under Richt, technically holds the offensive coordinator title, but Richt fully plans to call the offense. His son is technically the quarterback coach, but Kaaya hears plenty from the head man himself throughout practices.

He’s cut back on speaking engagements and returning written correspondence

“It’s just like, a lot of times you’ll see presidents of the university, when they retire from being president, they go back and teach. They go back to their first love, so to speak,” he said. “That’s what I’m doing.”

So if Kirby’s put his foot down here, good for him.  You know this one had to hurt the keeper of the reserve fund a bit.  Good thing there’s all that extra SEC Network money rolling in.


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“Boom, I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Going forward, maybe we should just look at the Georgia-South Carolina series as the next scene in an ongoing buddy movie.


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“It is what it is, but it’s over now, thank goodness.”

It sounds like Kirby Smart’s Month of Two Schools wasn’t quite the smooth ride we were assured it was at the time.  At least the part in Tuscaloosa wasn’t.

… Smart will take these anxious moments over the taxing time he had juggling being Georgia’s new head coach and Alabama’s defensive coordinator during the College Football Playoff. Smart said times got “tough” and were even “horrible,” as game planning, recruiting and maintenance at two schools mixed.

Smart was all Bama for X’s and O’s and all Georgia in recruiting. What made things even tougher was the fact that the same prospects Smart called might talk to the Alabama assistant sitting right next to him in meetings moments later. Paranoia on both sides sunk in, as Smart and his peers watched each other slide behind closed doors to recruit in between dissecting Michigan State and later Clemson…

“That part was not fun,” Smart said of his jumbled schedule after accepting the Georgia job. “But since that game and the fact we won it at least justified what I did.”

Breaking up is hard to do.


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Don’t cry for me, Fayetteville.

Eh, forget about hauling his offensive linemen over to Sam Pittman’s house to try to convince Pittman not to leave for Athens.  Bert’s in a better place now.

… it’s well-known that coach Bret Bielema was not happy when offensive line coach Sam Pittman decided to bolt and join Kirby Smart at Georgia in December. Bielema was so upset that he took a number of his offensive lineman over to Pittman’s house in an effort to get him to stay.

But now Bielema is singing the praises of Kurt Anderson, his new offensive line coach, who has spent the past three seasons with the Buffalo Bills. In fact, Bielema told me that he expects even better things from his offensive line under Anderson.

Within the quote, you’ll see a little dig at Pittman.

“I really went hard after Kurt,” Bielema said. “I felt our offensive line underperformed in some big games. We need to take a step up when it comes to technique. You hire NFL guys who can help you take guys from their weaknesses to their strength.

“We want them to play well against all levels of competition.”

Mmmmmmm, those sour grapes are mighty tasty.


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Information wants to be free.

This is what you get when you try to put a hold on bad news.

University of Alabama defensive back Tony Brown is facing an indefinite suspension from the NCAA, The Tuscaloosa News has learned.

The university has appealed and is awaiting a decision.

UA coach Nick Saban acknowledged Brown was “facing suspensions” during the veteran coach’s introductory spring press conference in March.

“When I get the final data on that I’ll definitely let you know,” Saban said.

I guess we’ll find out together.

If only Nick had more than three days to respond to a FOIA request… oh, wait.


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One more transfer story

This, because it encapsulates the mindset of major college athletics perfectly:

… [Oklahoma Athletic Director Joe] Castiglione said that not every transfer request could be resolved the same way because of “the uniqueness” of each case. Et cetera.

Afterward, Castiglione took questions from a small huddle of reporters who wanted him to tell the story of how he had lured Oklahoma’s basketball coach, Lon Kruger, from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in 2011. Castiglione, who is an entertaining storyteller, told a long tale about how he had approached Kruger a number of times and finally persuaded him to agree to the move, even though Kruger and his wife had just moved into their dream house in Las Vegas. (It helped that Castiglione gave his new coach a seven-year, $16.6 million contract.)

When I asked Castiglione about the transfer rule, he told me that Oklahoma tried not to stand in the way of athletes who wanted to leave. But he also brought up the case of Baker Mayfield, the Sooners’ current quarterback, who walked on to the Texas Tech team as a freshman, then transferred to Oklahoma, where he walked on to its football team, too. Mayfield not only had to sit out a year but also lost a year of eligibility because of a Big 12 rule that punishes players who dare to move to a different college within the conference. The fact that Mayfield didn’t have an athletic scholarship made no difference.

Although Castiglione made it clear that he thought transferring should be easier for the players, he also worried, he said, about “people tampering with our current student-athletes to get them to transfer.”

The reason I say perfectly is because I doubt Castiglione even recognized the contradiction in the two situations as he spoke.


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Musical palate cleanser, Doin’ a hundred-twenty man edition

“Well all Chuck’s children are out there playing his licks”

— Bob Seger, “Rock and Roll Never Forgets”

If there’s ever a song where a man lived up to his own words, it’s “Get Out of Denver”, the opener to the criminally underrated Seven, Seger’s great 1974 record.  Listen and see if it doesn’t get your butt shaking this morning.

There’s not a wasted note on there.  Best Chuck Berry takeoff ever.


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