“It is what it is, but it’s over now, thank goodness.”

It sounds like Kirby Smart’s Month of Two Schools wasn’t quite the smooth ride we were assured it was at the time.  At least the part in Tuscaloosa wasn’t.

… Smart will take these anxious moments over the taxing time he had juggling being Georgia’s new head coach and Alabama’s defensive coordinator during the College Football Playoff. Smart said times got “tough” and were even “horrible,” as game planning, recruiting and maintenance at two schools mixed.

Smart was all Bama for X’s and O’s and all Georgia in recruiting. What made things even tougher was the fact that the same prospects Smart called might talk to the Alabama assistant sitting right next to him in meetings moments later. Paranoia on both sides sunk in, as Smart and his peers watched each other slide behind closed doors to recruit in between dissecting Michigan State and later Clemson…

“That part was not fun,” Smart said of his jumbled schedule after accepting the Georgia job. “But since that game and the fact we won it at least justified what I did.”

Breaking up is hard to do.


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6 responses to ““It is what it is, but it’s over now, thank goodness.”

  1. Dolly Llama

    I hate to go OT on the very first replay to the thread, Senator, but since your note the other day about good overall traffic and anemic click-through traffic, I’ve assiduously clicked on at least one ad every time I’ve come here. But today, there are no ads to click on, just empty spaces where they were formerly. I figured you’d want to know. I’m using Chrome as my browser, if that helps.


  2. Dolly Llama

    “replay” should be “reply”


  3. Bright Idea

    I understood why Kirbys plan was like it was during the interim but never thought it was a great idea. Only those closely involved will ever know if there were any scars left between Kirby and Saban. I assume Saban was all in at the time and Kirby survived it. .


  4. dawgtired

    Remember the jokes around here about Pruitt and Smart passing the phones as they both talked to recruits…seems those jokes weren’t too far off the mark.



    All things considered, it appears CKS handled everything pretty well.


  6. Mayor

    I respect what CKS did by living up to his commitment to Saban, Bama and the Bama players. That said, he should have been in Athens as soon as his hire was announced.