It turns out that Georgia has a name for the sixth defensive back position in its dime package.

Davis is practicing at cornerback, the “Star” position and at the “Money” spot in the dime package.

If you’re wondering where the nomenclature came from, the answer probably won’t surprise you too much.

The extra defensive back in the nickel is called the “Star.” The sixth DB in the dime plays the “Money” position.

The terms for these important positions originated during Saban’s days as the defensive coordinator with the Cleveland Browns and coach Bill Belichick, from 1991-94.

“In the old days, I called the fifth defensive back nickel back, and we never really played six defensive backs,” he said…

“The Star really is the Sam, so he wanted an s-word for that position. When you put six guys in the game, whether it’s a sub linebacker or a sixth defensive back, we had nickel, dime, dollar. Different money terms.”

The sixth defensive back takes the place of the weak inside linebacker.

“But when you talk to players, you can say, ‘Look, these linebackers on the team are all going to play Money. These DBs on the team are going to learn how to play Money,’” Saban said.

“Because when it comes to the assignments of the defense, the position is the same. It’s just they’ve got four wideouts in there now, so the linebacker can’t cover, so we put another DB in there. That make sense?

“So we just started calling that the Money position. It could be nickel, dime or dollar. That was Bill’s sort of system, but it made lots of sense to me. Just like everything else we did, we categorized things for the players. I think it made it better for the players.”

It’s something Smart and Tucker are obviously comfortable using, the inevitable Jerry Maguire jokes aside.


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9 responses to “Money.

  1. Marc

    It’s not exactly new. Damian Swann played it a couple of years ago:
    “Now, he’s working inside in the box in the dime package at “Money” under new defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt.”


  2. Big Max

    We had a money position under Pruitt. Last year, Wilkerson (#9) was the main Money guy.


  3. Sh3rl0ck

    As Marc and Big Max have pointed out that “Money” was the term for an extra DB on the weak side under Pruitt, that was also the term used under Todd Grantham.

    It should really be noted that “Star” isn’t the 5th DB and “Money” isn’t the 6th DB. Star very specifically refers to the strong side and money refers to the weak side. That dates back to when going to nickel, they used to remove the Sam LB and would remove the weak inside LB (It was called Moe under Grantham and Will under Pruitt) when going to dime. In reality, for the past several years, they normally would remove the nose tackle when going to nickel.


    • We have looked more like a 3-3-5 look than a 4-2-5 look under Towel Boy and Pruitt. Just one of the 3 LBs would have a hand in the dirt rather than standing up.


  4. steve

    Please. Auburn has had a series of ‘Money’ backs since James ‘I can’t read’ Brooks signed out of Warner Robins. Bill Belichick has been sued by the War Eagles for copyright mischief.


  5. JasonC

    His system is flawed. Shouldn’t the nickel or star be an S-word that refers to some type of currency? First he wants to use a same-letter word and then for the other spot he drops that guideline and goes with cash words. It’s not really cohesive. Maybe he can work for the Fed or Trump’s cabinet.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Meh, it’s just nickel and dime stuff.