“They’re kind of like that same person, actually.”

The interesting thing about this Jason Butt story on Georgia’s new offensive coordinator and offensive line coach is that, contrary to what many of us thought, it wasn’t that Kirby Smart wanted Sam Pittman and went after Jim Chaney to help reel Pittman in.  It was, apparently, just the opposite.

Smart long felt like Chaney would be an ideal offensive coordinator to work with back when he was at Alabama. Smart even said Chaney’s name would come up as a potential coordinator option every so often when there was a vacancy.

So naturally, Smart reached out to Chaney to gauge his interest on the Georgia offensive coordinator job. Chaney responded but wanted his old buddy Pittman to come along if he could.

“He felt strongly about coach Pittman,” Smart said. “He’d worked with Sam so many times. They were a great tandem.”

And, no, I’m not sure how the Dan Enos story fits in to that narrative… except I imagine it gave Kirby some degree of pleasure to discover that Pittman didn’t have a non-compete clause in his contract.

In any event, it does sound like the two mesh nicely with what Smart wants on offense.

Smart’s philosophy on offense is that it all starts up front with the line play. Having two assistants so like-minded and on the same page helps, considering the two can operate seamlessly…

“When I interviewed those two guys it was really a no-brainer to hire them,” Smart said. “The fact they came together, and got a nucleus, I knew the next three positions I hired on offense, they would be able to work with them. There would be some continuity there. And I’d have some flexibility to hire good recruiters from this area, from this state, like (running backs) coach (Dell) McGee, (special teams coordinator and tight ends coach) Shane (Beamer) and (receivers coach James) Coley. Those three were more flexible once I got the key cogs.”

Given that Georgia’s breaking in its third offensive coordinator in three seasons, it can’t hurt.


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5 responses to ““They’re kind of like that same person, actually.”

  1. 92 grad

    Makes me wonder if Chaney was a solid candidate back when kiffykins was signed.


  2. dawgtired

    I’m really impressed with the way Kirby thought through the hires…not just a bunch of ‘good’ coaches working on the same team…but how they complement each other. I like the fact that he had ‘flexibility’ in hiring recruiters after he got the main ‘cog’. A combination that brings in the talent and teaches them on the field.


  3. Normaltown Mike

    Saban only suggested Chaney cuz he KNEW Smart would take the bait and hire him one day.

    WE’RE DOOMED!!!!


  4. Emphasis on OL? I hope it comes to fruition and we get more of these top OL. You can win games with just skill guys. Titles, not so much. We need to be scouring the entire country for the best OL we can get.

    Pittman should love Cleveland. I just hope he has some agility and intelligence to match his freakish size and strength.


  5. Red Cup

    Sure hope he uses TEs like Donnan did.