“But the culture’s still the same.”

While we’ve seen a host of examples of how the culture in the way the Georgia football program interacts with the outside world has morphed in just a few short months (and, no, I won’t bore you with a recital of the details here), it doesn’t sound like there’s been much of a change inside the program, at least according to some of the players.

Michel and Blazevich were two of the three players Smart approved for interviews after Thursday’s practice, the only day players are available this week. Reporters poked and prodded, trying to elicit evidence of a massive change in the program. They wouldn’t play along.

“I think the culture is kind of similar. Still the same,” Michel said. “We’re still going to play Georgia football. Defense, they’re good at stopping the run and the offense we’re good at running the ball. And I think the coaches are kind of similar, and still the same.”

And talk about your total bummer…

But it (sic) a noticeable difference how detail-oriented the coaches are now?

“No,” Michel said. “Many college coaches, they demand a lot and detail-oriented things. Because one little small detail can get you beat in a game. Any kind of game. One little small mistake could get you beat.”

What the hell, Sony.  I’ve been hanging my hat on that for two months now, and suddenly poof!, it’s gone?  Is that any way to treat a blogger?

What’s the opposite of happy talk, anyway?


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16 responses to ““But the culture’s still the same.”

  1. Jared S.

    Real Talk. The opposite is Real Talk.
    Boy, do I love me some Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.


  2. dawgtired

    I think we’ve wanted change so bad in some areas that we have tried to just ‘will it so’. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. The proof will come in the Fall.


  3. 92 grad

    Ha, same feeling I get when I visit a Georgia blog and they’re writing about basketball. It is a good thing though, that Sony and his mates aren’t comparing and opening the door to substantiated failures from the prior staff. The coaches and star players are all people, any hint of slinging mud has heavy consequences in their profession.


  4. It’s hard to believe that with wholesale changes on the outsides, there aren’t ‘some’ changes going on with the inside. We already know an emphasis has been placed on special teams with Smart vs. a “free for all” of coaching that unit during the Richt era.


  5. 69Dawg

    I think Kirby has handled the transition from an internal standpoint masterfully. His only slip up was the AJT transfer situation. One of the reasons IMHO was the changes that CJP brought over the last two years. Those were an introduction to “the Process”, if you will. With this intro Kirby is not having to force too much culture shock on the team. The culture shock is reserved for the media and by extension the fans. We only know what CKS wants us to know and when he wants us to know it. From a media standpoint going from CMR to CKS is like going from the U.S. to Russia, except nobody dies.


    • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

      “going from CMR to CKS is like going from the U.S. to Russia, except nobody dies” —– I’ve been trying to capture the words. And then this. Except, I feel this way. Not just from a media standpoint.



    Anyone expecting a leader on this team to come out in an interview and rip into the previous Coaches is going to be disappointed. Kirby knew who to send out to talk to the press.


  7. HVL Dawg

    I remember when you fawned over every word that came out of Grantham’s mouth.

    Keep on blogging. We appreciate it.


  8. Bright Idea

    Players just play and leave the analysis to fans.


  9. Tronan

    They’re not going to badmouth the previous staff – most likely because they still feel at least some attachment to them and also because they know they shouldn’t fling poo, regardless.

    But, the bigger issue (and the good news) is that we don’t need exponentially better results than we got under Richt. We need incrementally better ones – more attention to special teams and recruiting the OL, better roster management, maintaining focus week-to-week – that help us win that additional conference game and get us into the SECCG more often. Now, that could mean completely changing the program’s approach, but it could just mean not messing with what worked before and smoothing the rough edges (or, depending on your perspective, roughing up the smooth edges). We’ll know a lot more in a few months.


    • Russ

      Great comment. Despite the narrative by some, we are a pretty good team that needs iimprovement in a few key areas. Incremental improvement is exactly right. I think Kirby can get those changes and it should pay off on the field.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      This, plus 100. We just need to go from winning 10 of 13 games over an entire season to winning 11 of 12 and getting to he SECCG. And progress from there.


    • PTC DAWG

      No doubt, we have been close a few times in the last 10 years. Will be interesting to see if we made the correct tweaks the next few years.


  10. McTyre

    Cue Crash Davis media relations primer here. Do you honestly expect insider nuggets from player interviews under the Smart regime?


  11. Charles

    Whether you teach detail or only evaluate detail is the more important difference.