Round the horn, SEC spring game edition

I spent Friday night and Saturday afternoon flipping between watching the Masters and four SEC spring games:  Florida, South Carolina, Auburn and Texas A&M.  Given my bopping around and that these were glorified scrimmages, my impressions are superficial at best, but anyway, I do have a few.

  • Florida.  The Gators will have a good defense again, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise.  Unlike last spring, there are a decent number of bodies on the offensive line.  Eddy Pineiro appears to be ready to fix the gaping open sore that was Florida’s place kicking last season.  Maybe the biggest news from the game was that transfer Luke Del Rio looked competent running the offense.  Bottom line:  were I Jim McElwain, I wouldn’t feel too bad about how my team looks right now.
  • South Carolina.  I don’t think much more needs to be said than that there’s a decent chance Boom chooses to start a true freshman at quarterback this season.  Maybe the motto for the ‘Cocks this season should be “Starting Over”.
  • Auburn.  As my mother might say, oy, vey.  Auburn’s quarterback situation is every bit the steaming pile we thought (hoped?) it might be.  And if Malzahn really isn’t “concerned with anyone separating themselves on a day like today,” then he’s fooling himself as much as he is the rest of us.  Carl Lawson clearly looked like the best player on the field.  Unfortunately, “on the field” has been the operative key phrase for his career so far.
  • Texas A&M.  Much like Florida, the pleasant surprise for Kevin Sumlin’s program has to be the way Oklahoma transfer Trevor Knight performed.  But the other thing I couldn’t help but notice was the way the Aggies’ defense continues to improve under Chavis.  Those defensive ends are nasty.

If any of you watched, feel free to chime in with your observations.


UPDATE:  And for what it’s worth…


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7 responses to “Round the horn, SEC spring game edition

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    “Auburn’s quarterback situation is every bit the steaming pile we thought (hoped?) it might be.”

    Your being gracious, brother Bluto. That whole scrimmage was a steaming pile.

    And during Stinchcomb’s interview with Lawson, it said he was majoring in “pre-communication” – whatever that is. The guy is a redshirt junior and that’s the major?


    • Pre-communication is the new sociology on the Plains


    • mg4life0331

      Before you communicate, you think about what you are going to say. So hes really just getting a degree in thinking. I think its BS, and not of the science variety.


    • Normaltown Mike


      I thought that’s when you’re stoned and you think about saying something but then imagine all the responses and decide to just forego the conversation anyway.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Aside from Ole Miss and Tennessee, looks like the SEC this year will be all about the defense.