“People would pay $5 to see us play somebody.”

For a “real” spring football game?  Shoot, Hugh, I’d be willing to pony up more than five bucks for that.

There’s probably a drawback to this, but Freeze has yet to figure it out. Scheduling regional schools would help to keep costs low, and there’s enough around that you could make sure the team is not one on your schedule for the next three to four years.

You’d have to figure out how much of an actual game it would be (Could quarterbacks be hit? How much of your playbook would you run?) but put a bunch of coaches in a room and they’d come out with answer. That process could start in Destin, Florida at the spring meetings, where Freeze first brought up his idea a year ago.

He said the coaches were receptive, but it did not progress beyond discussion. Freeze said he plans to do so again this year, and hopefully try to gain some traction. The coaches would have to convince the Southeastern Conference to sponsor it, and then it would go to a NCAA committee and eventually a vote of the membership.

That tends to work out well for the SEC.

With G-Day coming up, this seems like a timely topic for a reader poll.




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13 responses to ““People would pay $5 to see us play somebody.”

  1. Derek

    I don’t know about this idea. I supposed I like having one game a year that you can’t lose. If we played either a weak sister of the poor and/or some team looking for some warmer weather that we never would get to play otherwise maybe it would be ok. You’re losing 50% of your scrimmage reps and for what? If its an exhibition and you aren’t trying to win, why have somebody else there? I’d be more in favor of a pre-season, exhibition game than this idea. A “dress-rehearsal” game in the middle of august (at night of course) makes more sense IMHO.


  2. ApalachDawg

    IMO – this only works for regional schools within driving distance; sounds like a great idea but there are other considerations.
    -assume that Valdosta State/Mercer/Savannah State/etc would want to get paid for this beat down
    -Or are we taking about the Troy/southern Miss/Wofford/Citadels of the world?
    -assume they want to get paid too
    -are we playing these folks at a random location like Jacksonville, Columbus, Macon, Dalton,Atlanta, Hahira???
    -will there be a concert after
    -what will the wifi be like
    -will the music be cool and very very loud
    -will the cub scouts be working the concessions
    -will only one urinal be working


  3. AusDawg85

    I have my entire team on the field now, why cut that rep and evaluation time in half for a glorified exhibition game? Remember the children!


  4. “No job is too big, no fee is too big”.

    Hell yeah!


  5. The only way I would pay would be if no one could talk about brain farts or bed soiling if you lose.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    I trust a Georgia player not to go out and injure Georgia players a lot more than I trust a Georgia State player not to go out and injure Georgia players.



    I would not like to see it. I could see a school sending in a walk on to try and take out some good players at knees.


  8. Slow Dawg

    Other sports seem to have no issue playing off season games- the soccer team is in the midst of some now….